Thursday, May 21, 2015

Live and Let Live!

Source: Positive Thoughts 

Many people don't understand on how and why we do certain things in our life. As life becomes more materialistic and competitive, it's unavoidable if they think otherwise. We can't stop them from thinking that way, anyway.

But I'm sure that when people do something, they must have their own reasons. It's only that the reasons are different from one to another.

So, don't judge someone before you know them well. Just open your mind and heart. Accept whatever reasons that people have as they live their own lives, not to be judged whether it's right or wrong, as what is wrong for you may be right for them.

As we grow up, let us be wiser in our thinking. Let us accept things with open mind and heart. And just give opportunity for everyone to just live, and let live! :)

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