Thursday, July 09, 2015

Update on my journey in Bhutan - Day 17 - 9th July 2015

Ohhh... time flies... Unknowingly, I've spent 17 days all over Bhutan and met with many many people!!! It's summer time here. Weather was a mixture of cooling morning, hot afternoon, and drizzling evening. Luckily we have had safe journey all this while. It's not all without hiccups though.


Things happened such as: the tyre was punctured on raining day, happened in evening time when we tried rushing down to Mongar from Trashiyangtse; moreover, the fuel was almost finished. There was another occasion too where the landslide caused the narrow road becoming so muddy and my heart was racing hard as the car might skid and fell to the cliff right next to us. However, thank Buddha that so far our journey is so good.

Luzee's chanting in every start of the journey calmed my heart and mind. I too, said all those prayers inside my heart, wishing that our journey will all be safe, smooth and well.

It's just a short update from here as my phone was put at rest at the moment, therefore I couldn't click and update nice pictures immediately. But again, luckily and thankfully, Luzee has kindheartedly lent her phone to me as temporary measure. Thank you, thank you, and thank you Luzee for everything you have done for me.

Again, impermanence was there to remind me for all the good and bad times we had, that nothing lasts forever. Every moments I spent, every persons whom I met - when there is 'hi', there will be 'bye'. At the mean time, let me enjoy the rest of my time here in Bhutan. Tashi delek! :)


Yeesi7 said...

Typical Bhutan Road Block eh.
I remember when I use to be on the road as a kid, the road was blocked and the cars were lined up that we couldn't see the last end of the car and we were quite happy as we got to buy delicious Momo and hot Suja :D But now, I think it would be so frustrating to be on the wait -_-

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Yeshi, in some area they do sell Momo, chilli chop, samosa and ngaja. But not all places. I'll post later on what things to do on the road block so you won't feel bored and frustrated! ;)

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