Saturday, August 22, 2015

Get married - Baru ke Bali

T-shirt from Bali

"Get married - then go to Bali. One day if you have found your soul mate that is ready to get married, tell him/her that one day both of you will have honeymoon in Bali"

You may or may not hear about it. Bali is also known as the island of Gods. It's a very popular travel destination both locally and internationally. Its beauty may bring you feeling like in heaven! That's why the above words created for - that this place is really well-known too as the honeymoon place.

So that was how my deary and I visited this heavenly like place, just both of us, right after we both got married. We stayed at the five star hotel located at Nusa Dua area, the southern part of Bali island, among the rest of other competing five-star hotel on the area.

Colorful Vespa Scooter - Source:

We chose to rent the cute colorful scooter above instead of the usual convertible jeep or car as it's faster travel using this. So this evening we put on our red helmets and he rode it to Kuta Beach - a very popular beach destination to surf and swim - but for us was to catch sunset.

He rode the scooter safely despite trying to squeeze between the cars in the narrow Bali road. I held his waist firmly while sitting behind him and sometimes our helmets would knock against each other. Although the sun was not yet coming down, the blown wind was cooling one, that we believed it was blown all the way from Australia, that experiencing winter season these days.

Pantai Kuta - Bali

My hair blew scatterly from the gap of my helmet but who cared? I just kept hugging and enjoyed the evening breeze. When reaching, he parked the scooter among the rest of the motorcycles, which mostly branded 'Honda' or 'Yamaha'. We locked our helmets safely before we hand-in-hands walked through the sandy road - with big stone signage written firmly - Pantai Kuta ('pantai' means beach).

"Say, (means dear in Indonesian - short form of 'sayang') let's buy the grilled corns ok? And coconut too. The sunset is almost coming." told him while walking towards the grilled corn seller.

Grilled corn or jagung bakar (Source:

The melted butter smelled deliciously as we walked closer. It was freshly grilled.

"How much, Mbak? (Usually call lady in polite way)" asked my deary.

"Ten thousand, Sir! Want how many? Two ya?" replied her.

"Iya Mbak, two please," my deary took one piece of twenty thousand rupiah note from his Billabong wallet and passed it to me, "Nah, you wait here and collect, OK? I'm going to the stall there to pick a nice and young coconut." 

He then walked to the coconut shop and chose one big green layer skin coconut from the basket that had just been carried down from the small truck just beside the road. It's a very good business selling fresh coconuts over there. He asked the seller to chop the skin, opened it nicely on the top, put the red and blue straws, plus the plastic spoon, and he came towards me. I'd collected the corns as well, so we both walked towards the sandy beach facing the sea, and sat there on the sand.

Hmmm.... the burnt charcoal made some part of the corn blackish in color but it was shiny through the fragrant melted butter. We sat freely and started munching our corns. It was sweet and salty, also crunchy at the same time. I looked at my watch, it's 5.45 pm now. About half an hour time towards the sunset.

He took the corn bites that was stuck on my right cheek with his finger then looked deep into my eyes, "You look beautiful dear," told him while smiling. "Thank you dear!" replied me, smiling back to him too :)

More tourists came to the beach, mostly Australian couple, newly wed local Indonesians, and recently, Chinese usually with their family members.

I sipped the red straw while he sipped the blue straw. The juice was sweet and refreshing! Hhmmmm.... slurp slurp sound was heard when we had almost finished drinking it. It was too young to get the meat so we just left it there.

Sunset at Kuta Beach - Bali

The surrounding sky had slowly turned reddish as the sun had become bigger and roundish like the orange color part of the salted egg ^^

"Oh dear, God's creation was simply amazing!!!" awed me in gratitude. My eyes were stuck with the sun. He sat closer next to mine and his left hand was lengthen to reach my arm. I could feel his gently after-shave soap smell from his chin and macho smell perfume too from his shirt. "OMG!!! It felt like heaven!!!" I said it inside my heart.

The sun was slowly disappeared into the cloud and sea. The red salty egg had finally gone. "Dear," called him. I turned my head towards his and he kissed my forehead softly, "I love you dear! Forever and ever!" whispered him. I kissed his left cheek fast and playfully, "I love you very much too dear! Forever and ever!" Then he held my left arm tighter and I fell under his safe and secure hug!!! Faintly we heard the song from afar...

What's the greatest chapter in your book? 
Are there pages where it hurts to look? 
What's the one regret you can't work through? 
You got it baby, mine would be you
Yeah you got it baby, mine would be you.

Mine would be you
Taillights fading
Daylight breaking
Standing there like a fool
When I should've been running
Yellin' out something
To make you wanna hold on to
The best love ever
Girl, can you tell me
The one thing you'd rather die than lose?
Cause mine would be you
Mine would be you, you...


Kipchu Kipchu said...

I think I should look for my soulmate soon enough. From the way you have presented your moment; it sounds really romantic. Sensational la! :) Or maybe the way you have narrated made the difference.Something is there about this post la.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu! ^^

Tashi Chenzom said...

It sounds like a fairy tale mam. Its something we all are in search for i guess and indeed very fortunate that u experienced such lovely moments. Good wishes to both of u mam. Its really amazing!

Rima Reyka said...

It is a fairy tale, a story only la Tashi! ^^ Just a memoir from my stay here. Thank you for reading and your lovely wishes! :)

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