Friday, October 30, 2015

Our Times 我的少女時代 Movie Review

Last week during meeting with my Indonesian besties, one of them told us about the movie above. She said it was very good and recommended us to watch. She even wanted to watch it together with us, again! Wow! I was kind of wondering, what kind of movie it was until my friend wanted to watch it repeatedly. Since what I had these days was time, I agreed to her recommendation almost immediately. So yesterday, three of us watched the movie together.

Our Times 我的少女時代 (Pic source:

Every time I watch movie, I tried not to find out what the movie was about as I preferred to face whatever it was with an empty and open heart, and let whatever surprise to unveil itself. I didn't even know which country produced the movie. I knew it was Chinese, but not sure whether it was from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

So, finally I knew. It was Taiwan produced movie. You could read the movie plot from here, However, what I wanted to bring it out here in this post, was that... the movie title was really fitted perfectly remembering our times. Our times?

Check out the movie trailer above or click here.

Three of us were schoolmates during senior high school's time but not during junior high school. However, we went through the same generation's time, trends, liking, idols, and so on!!! So, the moments when the movie turned back into Lin Zhen Xin youth's time (it was most probably back to late 1980s and 1990s), it brought us back to where we were, especially our school's time (late primary to senior high school's time).

Four Heavenly Kings (Liu De Hua, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, and Leon Lai) - Pic source:

My dear sister would probably still remember how I wrote and imagined that I had special dating dinner, even slow dance after that, with Leon Lai or 黎, one of the Hong Kong famous four heavenly kings (singers), right after his concert at our town. Hahahaha.... :D True enough, I was not the only one. In the movie, many were even imagining to be their wives. Lol!!!

We all used to collect their cards that we drew from the machine after we put coin inside, put their posters in our bedroom, and collect anything that had their faces on it, including the magnet address book that you could open up so long. It was also our times when we still used landline telephone at home, used Walkman to listen to our cassette collection, played Gameboy, used hairspray and hairdryer to make our bangs still and going up steadily, used red color lipstick for special occasion, when roller skate was one of the trendy sport to play (I even played too!), and so on.

In our country, basketball was also considered as the sport games that cool guys in our school used to play. The scenes there reminded us of how we were used to be like them, supporting their games from afar, and would blush and laugh out loud when the guy that we liked giving a glance at us, and so on. Even when the guys passed by our classroom. Hahaha... My bestie who happened to be in the same class with me knew it best what I encountered those days! ;)

This movie was simply bringing our memories back to alive!!! We were laughing out damn loud while watching those scenes!!! Until I had to be reminded that two persons who were sitting next to me could not stand the way I laughed :P

We could feel that almost everyone in the cinema enjoying the movie so much. There were ups and downs, happiness and sad moments. Laughter and cry was part of the movie as well. Thumbs up to the director. The ending part was definitely everyone of us's dream and wish to come true. So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your ticket now lah!!! Perfect for weekend dating! ;)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Natural Soda Spring (Aek Rara) at Parbubu Village in Tarutung and Pemandian Air Panas Belerang at Sipoholon, North Tapanuli - Indonesia

On our third day in North Sumatera, all of us decided to visit the natural soda spring (also called Aek Rara by local residents) - a three-hour drive distance from Parapat town near Lake Toba - at Parbubu Village in Tarutung, North Tapanuli. It was a very rare place that ever existing in the world and I was glad that I made it there!

Natural Soda Spring - Tarutung, Indonesia

If you noticed the photo above, the soda spring was surrounded by the paddy fields. It was said that a local nurse - O Tobing Sihite - found it while she was digging in the soil. She found that the water looked like soda water, those canned drinks that we usually found in the supermarket.

In year 2004 the Tapanuli Utara Regency government officially inaugurated this soda water pool as one of the tourist attractions in the area. (Info source:

Natural Soda Spring - Tarutung, Indonesia

It consisted only one pond. Surrounding and below the pool, it consisted of natural stones. In between the stones, the bubbles appeared to the top, somehow it created flying splash on top of the pool. I never experienced this before and I felt very exciting dipping myself into it. It was really magical experience, at least for me! :)

There were more bubbles at the area where I stood on the photo above and the water felt warmer too. The small bubbles would surround your body just like the small bubbles would surround the straw when you pour Coca Cola inside the transparent glass with straw inside.

The water could irritate your eyes, nose, and face when you had in touch with it or tried to swim below it. Therefore, it was advisable to bring google with you. With it, you could see clearly the bubbles that appeared from between the stones gap. Some created bigger bubbles and some smaller ones. It was really interesting how the natures were created in such a way, really made me wonder of the God's creation in this world.

Yeahhh..... soaked ourselves and had fun at Soda Spring - Tarutung, Indonesia :)

There was no scientific proof about the benefits gained from soaking inside the soda water but we loved to soak longer there, especially after sitting down inside the car for three-hour journey. Some area was quite deep, however, not to worry, as they provided the black tires for us to float, for free - for those who did not know how to swim or float. And if you noticed the photo above, there were whitish bubbles appeared from inside the pond (below part). That was how strong the bubbles shooting up from underneath the ground!!!

I still could not describe the feeling of being there. I asked the rests' opinions though. My hubby said, "When I dipped myself inside, I could hear the bubbling sound inside and I felt like I was inside my mother's womb when I was still not coming out from her belly yet."  Sometimes he felt he was inside the aquarium with the Oxygen bubbles flying around hahaha... As for me, "I felt like soaking inside the giant bowl of Soda water."

Some would even drink the water - if happened to go there early in the morning where there were not many people yet and they said it tasted exactly just like a soda water. I would not dare to drink it though as the smell of the water was quite strong and there were some oranges stuffs flying around inside. Local would even take a bath there, like shampooing their hair and soaping their bodies. Moreover, there was not any scientific proof on the benefits in drinking the water. So, It was up to you. Perhaps, if you wondered how it tasted like, you could just gargle the water inside and then spit it out :D

It had been a really great experience for me, something that money could not buy even if you wanted to. Traveling to a place like this was opening my eyes and heart towards wonderful nature's creature from the above. Thank you SB for letting me be there and enjoyed that moment to the fullest! :)

Geothermal Sulphur or Sulfur Pools at Sipoholon, Tarutung - Indonesia

The above place was another great God nature's creation in the area. It was not far from the Soda Spring area. It took less than half an hour to reach. It was also one of the attractions that you should go if you were there.

Uncle Jon told me that many years back the restaurants, shops, and hotels were not there. From the road you could see the stretch of the mountains above, white in color, where the sulphur water flowed naturally. But nowadays people used it to make money. It was still very cheap though. Kids paid Rp 3,000 (S$0.30) while adult paid Rp 5,000 (S$0.50).

It was natural sulphur water derived from volcanic Martimbang mountain that had been flowing for over hundred years. The temperature of the water was around 40°C. Too bad we had only limited time there so we couldn't soak inside. It's believed the water was good for skin and to relax the stiff muscles.

Martabe Kacang Garing (crispy peanut) - Silangkitang, Tapanuli Utara - Indonesia 

Don't forget to drop by at the local shop selling the Kacang Garing (crispy peanut) at nearby area. It's baked using the sand making it crispy and fragrance! The smallest packet (100g) cost only Rp 5,000 (S$0.50). The largest one (400g) cost Rp 20,000 (S$2). There was also one big can for sale of it's not big enough for you but you had to find out the price yourself ^^

Haze around the Lake Toba - 20 Oct 2015

We went back to Samosir Island after that. It was hazy as there was smoke from burning forest at other part of Indonesia. We couldn't see any view on our way to the island from inside the boat.

Fresh baby lobster - Batak cuisine - Dinner at Samosir Island 

At night we headed to a small local Batak eating house along the lake. They had caught baby lobster from the lake days before. We had around 3kg for 16 of us, also tried their fresh grilled fish, sautéed vegetables, and fried beehoon vermicelli accompanied with their homemade chili.

We also tried their local brewed tuak or arak made from the bark of a coconut tree, milky in color (see the photo above). I didn't find it nice though. Maybe we just didn't find the nice brewed one. Well, at least I knew its taste by now :)

So the day had again been filled with wonderful moments, something that you couldn't find back in Singapore or even other places. I felt very grateful for everything. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Overcome my fear - Lake Toba, Indonesia

Our breakfast at Pematang Siantar - Indonesia :)

We woke up early on our second day in North Sumatera. The host decided to bring us to Jalan Surabaya at Pematang Siantar. There, she could order many varieties of food for us to try, such as: roasted pork, roasted char siew, soto ayam (Indonesia traditional chicken soup), bihun bebek (duck vermicelli noodle), mie pangsit (noodle with wanton dumpling), cakwe (dough fritter), lemper ayam (glutinous rice with chicken wrapped in leaf), panada (fried bread filled with chicken), kue kue (sweet pastry), and completed with a cup of hot kopi-O (black coffee with sugar). We all left the coffee shop with full stomach and satisfaction. Thank you Aunty Feng for bringing us there.

Our lunch before crossing the Lake Toba :)

In the afternoon we left their house and drove to the port of Tuk Tuk Lake Toba. It took us about another two hours to reach. Before crossing, we were again fed with local food lunch - simple dishes of deep fried chicken, few types of fishes, etc.

Crossing Lake Toba to Samosir Island :)

We took the boat to reach the Samosir Island. It took half an hour to reach. We stayed at beautiful Resorts facing directly to the Lake Toba.

Samosir Villas and Resort - Indonesia

The place was indeed serene and beautiful, decorated in local design - housing Batak style. The swimming pool was just located outside our rooms.

There were few other things you could do here. Sea sports activities were available, such as: jet ski and banana boat. You could rent motorcycle and browse around the island visiting other side of the island.

There is always a first time :)

I'd always wanted to try jet ski and banana boat. But... but.... my fear was overcoming me all this while. This time, however, at such quiet and stable lake like this, it would be a great opportunity for me to try. Moreover, there wasn't any sunshine! You know, I couldn't get too much sunshine.

My first time Jet Ski experience in my life :)

So, four of us were renting two jet ski from the local. We were charged Rp. 250,000 (USD $18) per hour for each jet ski. It's quite cheap compared to rent at many other places.

My hubby was sitting in front and I had to hug his belly tightly behind. Why? Because our jet ski was special. It had to keep bumping in order to ride fast! Unlike the one they were taking. So the whole journey we felt like riding a rodeo horse! Lol! And since it was my first time, I was really afraid to fall, as I wasn't often in touch with water. After an hour, we could feel our buttock painful hahahaha..... It was a great experience though as it enabled me to laugh out loud and shout almost the whole journey! ^^

My first banana boat ride at Lake Toba ^^

Once our jet ski ride had finished, we continued immediately with banana boat ride :) It could bring up to 7 pax in one banana boat and about 4 pax in the speed boat in front, cost Rp 300,000 per time.

And it'd been a norm to let the passengers to fall down from the banana boat while riding it. But since one of the aunts refused to fall down, we had it once only before finishing our ride (and the aunt had left our boat)!!! After that we continued swimming at the lake then at the pool. Oh, due to that fall, I lost one of my earrings! Hiks... It'd been my third time I lost an earring during my travel... However, no regret! The experience I'd was all worth it!!! :)

Traditional Batak cuisine at Samosir Island 

We had dinner trying the local Batak cuisine, which served fried pork, roasted pork, grilled fish, all with chili (green and red ones), accompanied with grilled petai (smelly bean) and brinjal. The fresh juice marquisa (passion fruit) was there too to quench our thirst! ^^

Our supper ;)

It was raining heavily afterwards. We had no choice but to stay indoor. We ordered two bottles of local beer to accompany few snacks that we had. It's been a great day lah! I'm glad I'm here! Thank you, thank you, and thank you SB for everything!!! :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Last minute trip to North Sumatera, Indonesia

India was supposed to be my last trip before finding a new job. However, just days after returning back, during the meeting up dinner with my Uncle and Aunt, they were asking me and my hubby if we wanted to join them for a trip to few places in North Sumatera, Indonesia, such as: Pematang Siantar, Medan, Lake Toba (the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest volcanoc lake in the world), Samosir Island, and one of the only two Soda Springs in the world, at Tarutung.

Fate brought me to visit Avalokitesvara Temple at Tebing Tinggi - North Sumatera

I'd heard my parents, siblings, even my son going there before. It was located not very far from Singapore. There was a direct flight and it took us only about one hour to reach. I told them that I'd checked for the ticket before agreeing to their offer. Days later, my sis-in-law said that she was interested to go there with her daughter too and everything went very fast. My brother helped us checking the flight's schedule and price, booking our tickets, even fetching us to the airport. It seemed to be the God-will to let me joining them to this trip.

Our meal from 6am to 12pm :D

I reached here yesterday. From Kuala Namu Airport we took about 2.5 hours journey to Pematang Siantar where my Uncle's friends were staying. We stayed there for a night. They treated us with non-stop eating and drinking and I felt that I'd have gained at least a kg on my first half day there.

Avalokitesvara Temple at Pematang Siantar

We visited another Avalokitesvara Temple, this time was in Pematang Siantar. The size was much bigger and there was even a Buddhist school located just next to it. We offered our gratitude there for letting us coming to this place safely and for the good health that we all had.

Coffee time at Kok Tong old coffee shop at Pematang Siantar 

At 3 pm we were brought to Kok Tong's first coffee shop in town. I ordered kopiping, which means coffee with milk plus lots of ice cubes. It tasted really delicious. And we ate it together with few different types of Pao or steamed bun with fillings.

Lesehan - Sitting on the floor and eating using hands - delicious local food

At night we were brought to the 'lesehan' style restaurant, means we ate using hands  (no spoon or fork) and sitting on the floor. The food served was grilled and fried fish, fried chicken, fried tofu, tempe bacem, fried vermicelli,  spicy brinjal,  grilled petai (smelly beans), various chili and so on. We all ate very full and went home afterwards.

It was raining at night. It's giving out the cold air which made me good to sleep. The house was big, had simple design, and clean. With a thin blanket I went to the dream world peacefully. And now I gotta sleep too. My eyes are heavy. I hope I can post the today's trip tomorrow, if I have enough time ;) Keep reading la! ^^

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Life Reflection from The Saint, The Surfer, and The CEO by Robin Sharma

If you miss the moments, you miss your life - Robin Sharma

I read this book back in April 2013. I even posted the blog post about it here. It's been more than 2.5 years since I last read it but I believed its goodness truly and believed that it would change other people's lives too. Back then, I found this book from the library. Indeed, I was very lucky that I found it. This book had transformed my life, awaken me, changed me into who I am today.

Robin Sharma's Quote - Source:

It brought so much realization into my life, to my inner heart. E.g. the fact that SLE entered into my life, made my numbers of days to live limited, it forced me and encourage me to live my life fully, to open my heart to love much and be loved, to laugh freely and openly, to follow every passion of my life - such as reading, writing, traveling, enjoying the nature surrounded me with greater extent, etc. - and to lead myself focusing on what were important - such as treasuring my family members and friends like never before; keeping a writing journal's habit that it often healed my soul and grew my wisdom; realizing the importance of exercising and keeping my body and mind fit by cycling, walking, and sometimes climbing; eating healthier food (no more eating beef, having more vegetable, fruits and plain water, eating less junk food, taking only what I could eat, etc.); and most importantly, doing things I love doing :)

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts - Robin Sharma

Money had become a mean to serve others and fulfilled my dreams to visit many new places that I'd never been to before - rather than being a servant of it, piling it up and waiting until I grew old then enjoying it - if only that day would come, of course.

Dream big, start small, act now - Robin Sharma

And it is true enough, based on my experience, that we should travel NOW when we were still young, healthy, capable on walking and climbing, and not wait until when we grow OLD, when our limbs are weaken and can't walk far.

It also directed me to focus my life to live it at the present moment rather than kept dwelling into the past and worrying about the future.

We receive from life not what we want but who we are - Robin Sharma

Since then on, I have also met up with many new different people, especially Bhutanese and bloggers. I realized my life had truly changed after my first visit to Bhutan. This realization led me to more visit, meet more people, go to more places, and discover my self more.

"There are no coincidences, ever. Everything happens for a reason, and there are no accidents in life. The world wants us to live great lives. It wants us to be happy. It wants us to win." - Robin Sharma.

Two days ago, as I flipped through my old journal, the question arose in my mind, "Why? Why should I meet up with the wrong ones? Why don't life just give a mercy to me and let me live my life journey smoothly?"

"Everyone who enters your life comes to you at precisely the time that you most need to learn the lesson they have come to teach. Our lives aren't run by good or bad luck, but by on intelligent process designed to help us evolve into our best selves.

And our feelings are neither right nor wrong. They are simply our feelings, and an essential part of the human experience. Deny them and you begin to shut down parts of yourself. Keep doing that and you'll lose the connection to who you truly are. You will begin living completely in your head and you will stop feeling." - Robin Sharma

After doing some reflection, I was glad that they had been inside the part of my life journey, played a great part of it, even until now. I would never stop learning from them, take only the best part and it taught me to understand the basic nature of human being, all of it.

"Relationships come to us as assignments. Some last for weeks, some for a lifetime, but they all come to teach us big lessons that are meant to spur our growth as people. All I know is that I learned so much from the time we had together. 

And failure often reawakens us to who we really are and to what we truly want. In fact, the distress of that period started me on the path of the self-discovery and personal growth that I still travel on this very day. It totally changed my life." - Robin Sharma.

And here, I am reflecting on my life journey, from where I was to where I am now.

"That's just the way the world works. It was meant to be, this beautiful connection we've made. Life truly is beautiful."- Robin Sharma.

The Art of Letting Go

Let it go

If there was a lesson to learn from my trip in India, it would be "The Art of Letting Go".

I flipped back through my old journal, and there was something I wrote there regarding 'letting go' and it went like this:

Difference between "Good Bye" and "Letting Go":

- "Good Bye": "I'll see you again when I'm ready to hold your hand and when you are ready to hold mine."

- "Letting Go": I'll miss your hand that I realized it's not mine to hold, and I will never hold it again."

Well, the 'letting go' that I felt there in McLeod Ganj, not necessarily the case like the quote above. Perhaps it was more into letting go of my desire, dream, and hope, especially when I had to face the fact that I couldn't meet Dalai Lama there. 

Prayer and Meditation - Pic courtesy: Kipchu

I sat down at one corner, prayed and meditated. There, I drained out all my feelings. First, I conveyed my gratitude for letting me be there, reaching one of my whole life's dream place, a place where I used to see from YouTube screen when watching the Dharma teaching brought by the HH Dalai Lama. Now, I was really there!

Dalai Lama Main Temple at McLeod Ganj, India

I recognized that yellow window pane, the clock that was hung on that wall, the fence, and so on. Being there, still felt like a dream for me. As if, it wasn't real, and as if, it was never exist!

I poured out my disappointment for not being able to meet him on my journey this time. However, I was praying too, most importantly, that he was blessed with good health. It wouldn't matter for me if I couldn't meet him, but his health mattered for me. And if he was in good health, I was content and grateful.

I never thought of visiting this place again. I only thought, this might me my last time visiting this temple in this present life. I didn't put any more hope of meeting him again, as I knew that he turned to 80 this year. Of course I was hoping that he would live long. However, the chance for me to meet him again, it needed lots of fate and good karma. Anyway, if not this life, next life ba!!! :)

Afterwards I continued my pray with usual gratitude and blessings for all sentient beings, especially those loved ones, then meditated.

Om Mani Padme Hum - Pic courtesy: Kipchu

I was relieved once it was all over, just like removing a very big stone from my heart. I walked out from the temple with a light feeling. I even felt like jumping and singing. My smile appeared at the very best (not sure if Kipchu noticed), and I told him briefly about "The Art of Letting Go", without giving further details, and then we continued walking, to our next destinations, where we were fated to go and be there.

So, everything happened only for a good reason. Whatever good or bad people we met, things we experienced from the past, it was all leading us with good reasons only. Without encountering all that, there wouldn't be the present me, who I am now. It was just there to shape me, mold me, sculpt me, decorate me, and give me with lots of lessons to learn in life and resign my karma to the nature.

As we passed by the Kalachakra Temple, we turned the prayer wheels there, again for the last time. "Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Om....."

"Thus the six syllables, Om Mani Padme Hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha" - HH Dalai Lama

Source of inspiration: Dalai Lama Main Temple at McLeod Ganj - Dharamsala, India. Visiting there on 30th September and 1st October 2015.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coney Island, Singapore

After having a rich and delicious home cooked Bhutanese lunch with my friend yesterday, I decided to go out for cycling to burn some calories. I went out earlier and the haze was still there occupying the sky. No sunset was to be found. It was all just white grayish clouds.

Cycling at Punggol :)

I took the same route. From Punggol Waterway I headed to Punggol Settlement and stopped at the beach side for a while, just to enjoy the sea breeze and watch the people nearby who were trying their luck fishing.

West Entrance to Coney Island - Singapore

In a while I continued my journey. After passing by the Punggol Settlement (where many restaurants and cafés were located), at the bridge on my left, I saw something unusual. The green metal gate that used to be locked before, it was opened. Hmm... weird, I thought. Oh, there was wordings on the gate. It said - Coney Island. Aha! That word rang the bell!!!

Coney Island - Singapore

Just before going out from home, my hubby told me to find that island, the newly opened rustic and natural island, also called Pulau Serangoon, was just opened for public 4 days ago. Well, it's been months I didn't read or watch news from media, so the only news I heard was mostly from his mouth. I wasn't really sure or paying attention about the location too. However, I finally found it! ^^

Road signs at Coney Island - Singapore 

The distance from west to east entrance was only 2.4 km. However you could browse around many beach area where you could relax and unwind in its log bench or chairs. They wanted to make it as nature as possible but I think they might do some improvement on the road path. Currently it was sandy and slippery (quite dangerous for those who cycling, especially young children who might not good in controlling their bikes).

Coney Island, Singapore

It opens daily from 7am to 7pm. There weren't many lamp posts installed along the main road yet so it would be dark when the sun was down. That's also why they closed early. And don't forget to apply mosquito repellant when going there as there were many hungry mosquitoes flying invisibly.

Coney Island East Entrance - Singapore :)

Easy entrance was heading to Lorong Halus. I made U-turn back to where I was from and continued the rest of my cycling path. What a great exercise time! Not only for the body, but also the mind. So, when you were free on the weekend, you know where to go now! Let your life be free from stress and enjoy the nature as much as you can. Good luck and have fun! ^^

Monday, October 12, 2015

My Heartfelt Gratitude - Thank you!!! :)

I'm back!!! 10-day trip to India has finally over. Within that period I managed to visit few incredible places, such as: New Delhi, McLeod Ganj/Dharamsala, Rewalsar Lake, and Taj Mahal in Agra.

Air India from Singapore to New Delhi :)

You know, when I told my family and friends that I'd be going to India, they would ask me these kind of question or tell me these kind of advice: "You want to go to India? With who? What? Alone? Oh, you have friends there, which friends? Must be careful ya, it is not safe there! It is dirty too! Never ever go to the quiet and isolated place, especially at night. Be safe as there were many rape cases happening before," and so on. The funniest thing was that they had never been to India before, but they gave me these sort of advice.

Unlike those who had been there before, they supported my decision. They trusted me that I would be able to keep myself safe as I was one of the gadabouts (frequent travelers) and most importantly, had friends who would accompany me around. They even recommended me the must-visit places in India and local food or snack to try.

Actually in the beginning, I was afraid that my parents would stop me from traveling there ha-ha.. I only told them less than a month before. Luckily they did not oppose my decision and instead, they let me go, and even prayed for my safety. Thank you Pa and Ma! Thank you too for my siblings and everyone's prayers and kind wishes. Without it, I wouldn't be able to come back home safely and sound here :)

Quote by Dalai Lama - Brain and heart are our temple. The philosophy is kindness :)

My hubby let me go as he knew I had a purpose to be there, which was to meet HH Dalai Lama. It's been my long time dream to meet him. However, even after reaching the place where he stayed, I was unable to meet him as he wasn't around. Even if I waited until he was there, he wouldn't go out too as the doctor advised him to get lots of rest after having a long journey elsewhere. It wasn't that bad though, because in return, I managed to have a glance with South Africa cricket players at McLeod Ganj as they were having dinner at the restaurant nearby from where we stayed. Haha... ;D

Live with gratitude - by Heather Rosehill

In this post, I would love to convey my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had made my stay to India fruitful, safe, wonderful, and for your friendship, help, assistance, and hospitality that all of you had offered to me :)

Tshering Yangki and Tashi Chenzom in their humble hostel room - treating me with Tibetan tea and delicious food :)

First, for the kindhearted Bhutanese young ladies who were studying there - Tashi Chenzom and Tshering Yangki. Both of you had welcomed me into your humble hostel room for two nights and even more. Despite you need space and peaceful environment to prepare your exam, you still let me stay there :)

Delicious Bhutanese dinner with Tibetan tea on my first day reaching Delhi. Thank you gals! :)

All of you, including Beena Subba, had cooked delicious Bhutanese food for dinner. It'd been a while since I had it so it really made me feeling like going back to Bhutan. Thank you la, I was overwhelmed by your warm hospitality!!!

Second dinner menu - delicious handmade Roti with potato curry and Paneer cheese with peas :)

On second day, Tashi and Tshering made Indian Roti for me, handmade and from scratch. I appreciated your hard work and sincerity la!! It was delicious!!! :)

They gave me plenty of space to sleep!!! ^^

Four of us shared the connected two single beds, but three of you were squeezing at one bed and left me with big space to sleep alone. Hahaha... Was I that big that all of you were afraid to sleep with me?? :D

My breakfast portion. Can you believe it??? :D

Tashi, you fed me with lots of food even starting from the time I woke up from my sleep. Hahaha... Like magic, the bucket filled with fruits were there after I came back from washing. When I sat down and prepared my thing, you started offering me tea and made a cup right away. Five minutes later, you were asking me, "Mam, are you eating noodle? I will cook noodle for you, ok?" And the best thing was, I could not reject as you would start cooking it immediately. Hahaha... You were afraid that I wasn't full enough to start my day as I would visit many places in Delhi. You wanted to make sure I had enough. Thank you Tashi for your love, care and concern, I was really touched la!!!

Kipchu and Yangzom - at University's gate :)

Next, I would love to thank this beautiful young Nepal born lady, Tenzin Yangzom, who had helped me in getting my Nano Sim card (she even refused to receive the payment). She also helped me in getting the bus ticket to McLeod Ganj and asking about room at Majnu Ka Tilla (MT), the Tibetan colony area.

Breakfast treat from Yangzom's parents. Thank you so much!!! :)

She and her families were staying there only. We went to their house (without her, as she wasn't feeling well) two days before that, as their shop wasn't opened. Their parents were very kind and welcoming us. At my last day in Delhi, Kipchu and I were having breakfast at her parents' shop - see the above photo :) Her mom was the quiet type. She only offered her smile while preparing our tea and Roti. Only her dad was talking to us.

As we ate, Kipchu became the translator. Yangzom's dad told me to treat them as my own parents since I was Yangzom's friend and the next time when I visited Delhi again, they asked me to stay at their house so that I didn't have to book hotel room elsewhere. They refused my payment for the meal and even before I left, they gave a big packet of Khapse (Tibetan deep fried pastry) and a bag of Mathi (Indian salted savory snack) for me to bring back to Singapore. Yalama! I was so touched la with their hospitality and kindness. Please convey  my heartfelt gratitude to your parents, Yangzom!!! And thank you for everything you had done for me! :) (PS: I loved their Khapse very much! I have been eating it with tea everyday! Thank you for the lovely presents! ^^)

Our visit to Lotus Temple - New Delhi, India

Due to exam period and my limited time, we only managed to visit tourist site once, together, which was to Lotus Temple, on my first day's arrival. Lotus Temple, also known as Bahai House of Worship, was a place for prayer and meditation for people from all religions and races.

Tibetan Lunch at Tee Dee - Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi

Tashi and Tshering met up again once, for the last time, at Majnu Ka Tilla, for lunch on the last two days before I went back. Tashi had kindly brought my belonging from hostel to MT, knowing that I would not return back to hostel. We had Tibetan lunch at Tee Dee as Tashi was craving for steamed momo (dumpling), it's her favorite! ;)

Tasting Lafing, not Laughing :)

She also brought me to taste Lafing, the Tibetan cold and spicy mung bean noodles or rolls (similar with Liang Fen or Liang Pi in Chinese dish). No wonder it tasted so familiar, like I ever ate it before. I loved it lah. I ate it twice after that in other occasions hehehe... Thank you Tashi for introducing it to me! :)

Thank you for your gifts ladies :)

Four of them gave me the above gifts. Name same kadinche-la ladies!!! The Lord Buddha scroll was hung just outside my room now and the light had been installed to brighten it up. I felt safe now that Buddha was getting near to my heart and soul :) I had cooked and eaten some of the above snacks too. I appreciate it very much la!!! Well, keep in touch la. We may have chance to meet again one day. At the mean time, take care and wish you all the best for your study! Again, thank you very much for everything!!!

Me and Kinley Wangchuk in front of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives - Dharamsala, India

I would love to express my heartfelt gratitude to Kinley Wangchuk, Kipchu's childhood's friend, who had helped us a lot during our stay in McLeod Ganj. He was the one who looked for and booked our accommodation, informed us that Dalai Lama's teaching was cancelled, told us where to go around McLeod Ganj (Dalai Lama's Main Temple, Kalachakra Temple, Bhagsu waterfall, etc.) and Dharamsala (directions how to go to Gyuto Monastery - where the 17th Karmapa lived, and Norbulingka Institute), and also brought us to visit the small Tibetan museum just above the library in the photo above.

Dinner at Kinley's humble place - Dharamsala, India

He invited us for dinner at his place too, about 30-minute walk from McLeod Ganj's market :D He cooked simple but delicious vegetarian dishes, such as: mushroom curry, boiled eggs, cucumber, and red bean dhall. Thank you so much Kinley for your invitation and delicious dinner :)

Bhutanese monks who were studying Tibetan languages at Dharamsala, India :)

There were other three Bhutanese monks who studied Tibetan language and stayed nearby his place. Two of them were Dorji Khandu and Sonam. They stayed just next to Kinley's room. They were very friendly. Sonam offered us to cook ara with eggs. He said he could make a very nice ara egg concoction and I could trust his word. He indeed made a nice sweet one :) We had great laugh and talk while they were preparing their dinner. Nice meeting both of you la!!

My travel companion - Kipchu :)

And last but not least, my travel companion for the whole ten days in India, my beloved nuchu (younger brother), Kipchu :) He was the one who ensured my safety, fulfilled many of my dreams and wishes, carried my loads, prayer's companion, sometimes cheated together - telling them that we were from Manipur so we could pay cheaper entrance ticket, sometimes being cheated together - few incidents happened, sometimes becoming my walking stick, etc.

He was the one who fetched me on my first day reaching India, and he was also the one who sent me back to the Indira Gandhi Airport. He prepared many things for me for this trip. He would make sure that thing went smoothly by reaching the destination early (sometimes as kiasu as Singaporean), having enough water and fruits (as sometimes we didn't have time to have proper meal), following me everywhere (even to toilets, to ensure my safety, especially in public area), and so on.    

Your smile can and will captivate many women out there ;)

Kipchu, I would like to thank you for your time, effort, energy, prayers, and all the things you had done to me so that my whole trip becoming a wonderful, memorable and unforgettable one. All those things worried by my family and friends were proven not to exist in India. Without you around, this trip would never be the same :) I wish you for life long happiness in your life journey. Hope your good deeds here will benefit you with good karma in this life, so that  your dreams and wishes will always come true.

As you mentioned in your blog post, you too have become someone different the ten days before and the ten days after. You have learned many things (including the effectiveness of the prayers of gratitude and the laws of nature), received blessings from the above (proving you that miracle did exist), believed that good people existed too - helping  you in many ways and occasions, and it has cleared your mind about the truth that you were looking for.

I am happy that this trip has benefited you and changed your way of thinking. Here, I sincerely wish you all the best for the rest of your life's journey. I am sure  you are now fully equipped with all weapons that you needed and able to roam your life independently, reaching out towards your goals and passion. It isn't goodbye though as we may see each other again, who knows? So, take care lah and thank you again for everything! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Wish you be happy always!!! :)

PS: Thank you for Jigme who had offered to bring our bags to metro station on the day we left Delhi to Dharamsala so that we didn't have to bring my bag around while visiting Swaminarayan Akshardham or going back to hostel to collect! May Buddha bless you always! :) Also to everyone else that I didn't mention here,  e.g. Uncle who led us to the public bus and asked the other guy to get up from ladies seat then offered it to me :) Thank you for your help that made my journey smoothly, safe, and miraculous!!! ^^
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