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Life Reflection from The Saint, The Surfer, and The CEO by Robin Sharma

If you miss the moments, you miss your life - Robin Sharma

I read this book back in April 2013. I even posted the blog post about it here. It's been more than 2.5 years since I last read it but I believed its goodness truly and believed that it would change other people's lives too. Back then, I found this book from the library. Indeed, I was very lucky that I found it. This book had transformed my life, awaken me, changed me into who I am today.

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It brought so much realization into my life, to my inner heart. E.g. the fact that SLE entered into my life, made my numbers of days to live limited, it forced me and encourage me to live my life fully, to open my heart to love much and be loved, to laugh freely and openly, to follow every passion of my life - such as reading, writing, traveling, enjoying the nature surrounded me with greater extent, etc. - and to lead myself focusing on what were important - such as treasuring my family members and friends like never before; keeping a writing journal's habit that it often healed my soul and grew my wisdom; realizing the importance of exercising and keeping my body and mind fit by cycling, walking, and sometimes climbing; eating healthier food (no more eating beef, having more vegetable, fruits and plain water, eating less junk food, taking only what I could eat, etc.); and most importantly, doing things I love doing :)

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts - Robin Sharma

Money had become a mean to serve others and fulfilled my dreams to visit many new places that I'd never been to before - rather than being a servant of it, piling it up and waiting until I grew old then enjoying it - if only that day would come, of course.

Dream big, start small, act now - Robin Sharma

And it is true enough, based on my experience, that we should travel NOW when we were still young, healthy, capable on walking and climbing, and not wait until when we grow OLD, when our limbs are weaken and can't walk far.

It also directed me to focus my life to live it at the present moment rather than kept dwelling into the past and worrying about the future.

We receive from life not what we want but who we are - Robin Sharma

Since then on, I have also met up with many new different people, especially Bhutanese and bloggers. I realized my life had truly changed after my first visit to Bhutan. This realization led me to more visit, meet more people, go to more places, and discover my self more.

"There are no coincidences, ever. Everything happens for a reason, and there are no accidents in life. The world wants us to live great lives. It wants us to be happy. It wants us to win." - Robin Sharma.

Two days ago, as I flipped through my old journal, the question arose in my mind, "Why? Why should I meet up with the wrong ones? Why don't life just give a mercy to me and let me live my life journey smoothly?"

"Everyone who enters your life comes to you at precisely the time that you most need to learn the lesson they have come to teach. Our lives aren't run by good or bad luck, but by on intelligent process designed to help us evolve into our best selves.

And our feelings are neither right nor wrong. They are simply our feelings, and an essential part of the human experience. Deny them and you begin to shut down parts of yourself. Keep doing that and you'll lose the connection to who you truly are. You will begin living completely in your head and you will stop feeling." - Robin Sharma

After doing some reflection, I was glad that they had been inside the part of my life journey, played a great part of it, even until now. I would never stop learning from them, take only the best part and it taught me to understand the basic nature of human being, all of it.

"Relationships come to us as assignments. Some last for weeks, some for a lifetime, but they all come to teach us big lessons that are meant to spur our growth as people. All I know is that I learned so much from the time we had together. 

And failure often reawakens us to who we really are and to what we truly want. In fact, the distress of that period started me on the path of the self-discovery and personal growth that I still travel on this very day. It totally changed my life." - Robin Sharma.

And here, I am reflecting on my life journey, from where I was to where I am now.

"That's just the way the world works. It was meant to be, this beautiful connection we've made. Life truly is beautiful."- Robin Sharma.


Tashi Chenzom said...

Rightly said mam...I like the way you listen to your clean heart; travelling and enjoying new places around, keeping yourself fit,eating healthy food and doing the things you love. It provides me a beam of inspiration to think good, do something better and make my life worthy!! From the day started following your posts, I couldn't help myself notice the reasons for Kipchu to draw so much of inspiration from you. And now I also fall under the same category as him and i am pretty sure many other people are on their way with us.

Loved this post which is filled with lots of positive thoughts. Thank you!!!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! I'll be glad if any of my posts can inspire you and many others. Good things are worth to share! :) And it's my pleasure being able to share it with you!

Take care!

Love, Rima :)

Rekha Monger said...

A thoughtful reflection on life thus far Rima dear.

How to live one's life meaningfully, everyone of us should take a life lesson from you. :) And there's always so much to learn from each other of course.

Recently, I thanked someone for going out of their way to help me. I was filled with so much gratitude and that someone simply said, "the universe planned it already. I was meant to be there for you this particular time." Woah! I was totally blown away and so so grateful that I thought I will weep.

I haven't read this book by Robin Sharma. The inspiring lines simply makes me want to grab it immediately. My tbr list is lying for now. As soon as I'm done, I shall grab this copy :).
And yes,I loved the B&W pic of you writing the journal in the train station.

Keep living and inspiring. Life indeed is beautiful!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Rekha for your comment! It is indeed a tbr book list that can inspire you and guide you through your life journey.

Btw, I know who said that to you ;) He read that book too and it's all about connection, being grateful, and passing forward I guess ^^

PS: If you want to read the book, Riku has one copy. I gifted him one before. You can borrow from him :D

Take care!

Love, Rima :)

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