Saturday, November 14, 2015

Short term goals :)

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Well, people are wondering what I'm doing right now after quitting my job and going through series of holiday trips to few parts of the world, for months. Fyi, I'm back home, back to reality now. I was supposed to search for my new job since last month, but a short trip was offered, and again I had to be away for few days. Then, I was sick for almost a week, but thank God, nothing serious happened! :)

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And now, I'm still in relaxing mood, even thinking to have the last trip of the year 2015 to ensure that I've followed my heart and passion to live my life to the fullest, as it's usually very difficult to take leave on the holiday season - those who works in hospitality industry, and especially during month end - those who work in finance, know this situation very very well ;)

Why relax? It's coming to the year end very soon and usually, people try not to resign from their job as they are expecting to get the AWS (Annual Wage Supplement) or so-called 13th month salary as a bonus at the end of the year. Therefore, finding job at this time is quite tough, although it doesn't mean impossible though.

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And today, after going through days and nights, contemplating myself further and listening to what my heart has been saying, I've finally come out with few written goals that I need to achieve in this short period. (I usually set it from time to time as I need to focus on my direction, where to go and what to do from here).

I won't share it here in details but I will share more in general :)

1. To find a job that I'm looking for - the specific field that I intend to learn and master it in few years time. I won't choose the same thing with what I'd done for the past years as I realize that it doesn't bring me elsewhere. I don't have enough experience, skill, and knowledge to do other field if I only walk through that path only. In fact, I wasn't really enjoying it :D

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I want to widen up my ability so one day I will be able to create and handle it alone if required. So, this will be something new (not completely new though) and I have to learn from scratch all over again. What I need now is a chance to let me in and a great teacher or mentor who can teach and guide me through. Let's hope and pray that I will get such job and meet such person in my next course of work :) (At least now I know what I want to do. Because after quitting my job, I was wondering what to do next ^^)

2. From my holiday trips this year, I realize that fate has brought me closer to Buddha, Goddess of Mercy (or Avalokitesvara), and Guru Rinpoche  (or Padmasambhava). I met them often during my trips, truly destined and fated to learn deeper about Buddhism.

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Thank you Dawa for gifting me 'Words of my Perfect Teacher', the book you were reading halfway when I visited your office. And thank you Luzee and Kipchu for encouraging me to read 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'. Both are my basic guides towards my spiritual learning journey towards Tibetan Buddhism.

I realize I've missed so much things but I believe that it's never too late to start learning about it NOW. In life, continuous learning is also part of life's journey no? Maybe in long run, as Kinley said, I may become one of those who go to Dharamsala to learn the Tibetan language so I will be able to recite the chant and understand Dhamma in greater depth? Well, we'll never know ;)

3. Meditate at least once a day. Well, at least 5 minutes each day maybe?

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Well, it has been a great challenge for me, even if it's just for 5 minutes a day. However, I'll do my best! Wish me luck! ^^

4. Keep fit and healthy! And get close with nature ALWAYS! :)

Health is the greatest gift quote - Buddha

Don't let laziness overcome me. Cycling, walking, anything!! You can do it Rima! :D

5. Be positive and spread love, kindness, help and motivate others :)

Love and kindness by Heather Stillufsen 

"You will be happy in your life in direct proportion to the degree to which you will be helpful to the world" - Robin Sharma.

So, that's what about it! These will be my short term focus and not forgetting to always live at the moment and to the fullest! If you are floating around, maybe it's time for you to create them too, so you'll have clear directions and motivations on what you'll be having in short term. Good luck (also for myself), and wish you all the best! :)


Precious Moment said...

I dont think its fate which brought you to Buddha, Goddess of Mercy (or Avalokitesvara), and Guru Rinpoche (or Padmasambhava). Some point in life when we are going through trials (be it major or minor), it's a way of God wants us to get closer to Him (or in your religion to Buddha, and other Gods)

My case was similar to yours. I was baptised into catholic faith and got deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ when I was unemployed. It depends on one's sensitivity to hear God's very soft voice, "Hey My child, you are tired! Come and lean on me. Let me lead your life..."

Some people didnt hear, but you managed to catch that soft voice and follow The Path. Its good for your soul!

Remember, no wasted time... if you walk on the path of God! 休息是为了走更长的路... 加油!!

Tashi Chenzom said...

I can see that you have done most of the short-term goals you mentioned here and it will be soon that you will be completely used to all of it. My prayers and wishes with you.
Take care and have a nice weekend!!

ant said...

Like! All the best!! Never give up and keep trying even sometimes it seems discouraging :) I know you will be good and ok ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Shel for your valuable comments and encouragement! Yeah, to catch the soft voice, to aware of the purpose and existence, I feel blessed lah! They have watched and protected me all this while. True, take a long and good break before continuing the long journey ahead! Jia you to you too!!! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi for your constant encouragement, also your sincere prayers and wishes. I appreciate it very much. You take care too and wish you have a successful rows of exams soon! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Ann! The appearance of your comment here already a meaningful support for me. Hope you are doing well and wish you a wonderful life ahead! :)

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