Sunday, December 13, 2015

Post card generation ^^

Whenever I travel abroad, I always stop by at the souvenir shop, bookshop, post office, roadside seller, etc. to buy few pieces of post cards. Usually I will choose something unique as the post card design - specialty of each place that I visit. For example: When visited Dharamsala, I bought Dalai Lama post cards with its wise words on it; when visited Bali, I chose the traditional dancers, beach, and Hindu temples' designs, etc.

Postcarde I sent back home :)

Usually I send it for my loved ones such as my parents, hubby and son at home (whenever I travel without them), siblings, and few close friends. I won't have much time to send it to everyone I know, so just few of them. So, from my recent trip, this was not an exception :)

I have built this habit since long time ago. Well, I was coming from a generation where mobile phone and Internet were not existing yet. So, my way of communication was mostly by post (writing and sending letters through airmail) and sometimes by phone using coins and phone cards at the public phone. But whenever I was abroad, calling up would be a very expensive mean and didn't suit my budget. Therefore, sending letters and post cards were still my ultimate choices. 

I have a friend that I used to contact by writing letters. Until now, both of us still send post card to each other whenever we travel overseas for holiday. We still maintain this habit and tradition for almost 20 years! Hehe... Can you believe it? ^^

The last postcard sent by my friend ^^

However, don't be surprised that many people from late 80s and 90s generation didn't even know or see post cards and stamps before! 

My local Chinese tour guide from my Silk Road and Xinjiang tour last September (a young 23 years old chap) was wondering what he was holding whenever I gave him a task to help me to buy stamps and send it at post office. It was really his first time looking at the post cards and had no idea what to do with it!

My Nuchu, Kipchu, was another one :D He was wondering what I purchased and whenever I asked him to ask the price of the stamps to send it to overseas at the Delhi post office, he was a bit lost and almost didn't get the change back from the staff after buying it :P

My cousin who studies in Beijing, when I dropped post cards to letter box, she was asking me, "Sis, is it free?" I was stunned with her words :D I asked her back, "You never sent letter before?", and she said, "No." She didn't even know there was a thing called 'stamp'.

Well, as we know, usually traveling schedule is quite packed. However, I will still spare my free time sharing my greetings, feelings, and happiness with them. Perhaps, sharing my thoughts, love, care, and concern would be the right words to describe. And it could be the best gift someone would receive! Because even from a faraway place, they are still inside my mind! Don't you think so? 

But if you didn't receive it from me, it didn't mean that I didn't think, love, care, and concern about you! It's just sometimes I didn't have your address and had limited cards and time. So, don't be disheartened ok? 

Writing it during spree time under the trees, in the park surrounded with autumn leaves, inside the warm and cosy café during winter times, inside the hotel's room before sleeping, on the train, in the bus, beside the calm lake, sitting on the sand, in front of the beach, and so on, were all my favorite spots! It's the time when I too reflected what I'd been doing for the past few days from the trip :)

Greetings from Beijing! ^^

See the post cards in this photo? If you have received yours (it can reach fast - within one week, and slow - sometimes as slow as two months' time, even long time after I reach back home), please leave your comments here under this post - just for fun, of course, and for me to know that it finally reaches you safe and sound ;)

It's fun, isn't it? You can start having this habit too whenever you travel one day, and when you do that, don't forget to send one for me! Hahaha... and if you don't have my address, drop me an email and I'll send my address to you! :P Give it a try and hope you enjoy it the way I do! ;)


Tashi Chenzom said...

Wow...i know this tradition of writing letters is very less now bit its really glad that you are still doing this. I too love it very much.

I also buy post cards sometimes but I never thought of sending them to family and friends. And I think that it is a good idea I got from you.

Take care...
Miss you!!

Rima Reyka said...

Do you need my address Tashi? Hahahaha.... :D

karma Thinley said...

A postcard or a letter sent to no known person, it would just be a address of school, class & roll number. Such was a culture during my junior school days. Missing those penpal cards & letters.
Drop me your address & be not surprise to see postcard one day

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Karma, thank you for your comment! I've dropped my address to you and will be awaiting for your postcard one day! ;)

I wish you a wonderful day la! Take care! :)

Tashi Chenzom said...

Haha...I don't travel that much. Nways let me try it. Leave me your address once.

Rupa KK Gurung said...

To cherish those bygone moments of my life has always been a haunting nostalgia for a person like me. Not only am I mesmerized to that particular time but also I can feel how gradually I had evolved in the changing times^^changing world. During my school days, I exchanged post cards_letters.Now this traditionals form of exchanging messages is vanishing. Thanks ! This post is beautiful. Thanks for this^^I was taken aback to my school days. ^^
I have your adress :D :D :P
Loads of love <3

Rima Reyka said...

My pleasure dear Rupa! Yeah, you have my address. Hope you don't write wrongly :P Hahaha... Kidding! ^^

Kipchu Kipchu said...

Mail your address ashim:)

Rima Reyka said...

I'll drop my address to you. Check it out Nuchu! ^^

Flora said...

I knew you are one among postal letter lovers, we call it (snail mail friend) I been doing snail mail since I was in grade six, since than I had couple of pen pals mostly from Japan. I still carry on with many pal even now with all most all coner of world. You are right not many young one doesn't know those know don't want to do it as life makes easy with this all advanced technologies. But there so many people who loves to swaps cards and write letters with our own handwriting me, and it is amazing also there is some feelings that makes it us feel special when we get one! I am glad you it too. Although I have decreased a lot after coming here as time is rude but I try to manage to write them at least a card!😉😉👍

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... Ya, I saw you received a lot and it wasn't only a card or letter that you received, but many other things! Lucky you! I guess your daughter follows your habit now? ^^

Thank you for always reading my post Charo! Wish you a wonderful day La! :)

Flora said...

Yes we do stuffs swap as well, am I enjoying every movment with the snail firends! My daughter I don't think she can do it, but I forced her to do it, she does write to my firends kids, Hahahah! It's Alys my pleasure going through every write up of you! You are welcome charo! You have a lovely day ahead.

Rima Reyka said...

Glad to hear that from you! Your comment always inspire me to write more :) Thank you!

Yeesi7 said...

Hey Rima, how re you?
Back to Blogging :)

You have a very healthy habit of posting cards to your loved ones.

I remember the last time I send such postcard was 5 or 6 years ago to my families in Bhutan. I think it has a personal touch to it and makes the person receiving it even happier.

Ever since Facebook and other social media's coming up, I have stopped posting it.

Well, I hope to receive post cards from you one day ;)


Rima Reyka said...

Hey Yeshi, yeah I'm back! I'm doing good. Thank you for asking and hope you are doing great too! What you said is true! The personal touch - the thought - the time and effort taken to write one.

Message me your email address and I'll send it to you one day when I travel again! ;)

XOXO - Rima :)

Yeesi7 said...

You are welcome.

Oh, I was just joking.

Anyway, here is my email address,


Rima Reyka said...


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