Friday, February 26, 2016

Good morning quotes

Good morning quote sent by buddy colleague :)

Morning is the time where our mood decided our whole day happiness. Life can be rough sometimes. Even after a good night sleep, we still wake up with worry for what comes next.

Grateful quote :)

And this, can be overcome by being grateful for the good health and positive spirit we have, and for everything that happens in our life's journey.

Grateful beyond measure ^^

Apart from that, receiving good morning quotes from someone who cares and loves us is something that I've been feeling grateful.

Be positive quote reminder :)

Like the above. It was sent by my buddy colleague. We both are new and together we face our challenge at work together.

She is too, my partner in crime. We both were scolded for laughing too loud, which disturbed others who were working. In fact, lunch was the only time we had to destress our mind. Now, we had to be aware to lower down our laughter during our lunch break :P

Cute greeting sent by dear Mom :)

And the above picture was sent by my dear Mom :D She too, knows that I go through a challenging time and she would sent encouragement like the above to all of us, to motivate us, aside from her prayers everyday. Thank you Mom! Thank you dear friends! Thank you everyone who has made my morning positive and beautiful. And you too, can be one of them. Start today and make other's life beautiful!

Never quit quote

The above quote, let me dedicate it to all of you, who are also going through some rough times in life :)

Hello weekend! By Heather Rosehill

And ladies, if you like the above drawing, you can follow her Instagram and check her website. She draws beautifully and her quotes are motivating, especially for ladies :) So, wish you all a wonderful weekend lah! Have a great one and take care! ^^

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Beijing Itinerary - Day 4 Temple of Heaven

I still remembered the first time I visited this place back in year 1995. It was my first visit to Beijing together with my aunt, her mother-in-law and my cousins. It was during school holiday in summertime. I was dumbfounded when I looked into the magnificent structure in front of me. I saw it once before on the travel booklet but not knowing where exactly it was. I still felt like dreaming to witness that great creation on earth!!!

Temple of Heaven - 8th June 1997

From then onward, I visited the place again during my next stay and I purposely visited the place again before I went back home for good. It was a must visit place if you traveled to Beijing! It's a place where Emperors from the Ming and Qing Dynasty used to visit to offer their prayers for the good harvest. Read more of its history here. So it was in my list, a definitely place to visit and let my son awed in wonder too! :)

We were here finally! ^^

We took metro Line 5 to TianTanDongMen, where the east gate was located. The ticket cost CNY ¥30 (S$6.50) per person, included the entrance to 3 most important places to visit inside.

Places enjoyed most by local elderly :)

It was such a huge area surrounded by parks where local elderly loved visiting to meet friends, to play music instrument, to dance, to exercise, to gamble, to date, to find date for their children, what??? Did I say anything wrong? No, I didn't!

Seven-Star Stone Park - Find a loved one here! ^^

I saw it on TV years before saying that many parents worried that their son or daughter, due to their busy life pursuing their career, had no time in finding their loved one, and therefore, not married yet. So in the park above, they stood there chitchatting, displayed a piece of paper on the floor containing details and description about their son and daughter, such as: birth year, height, weight, education background, current occupation, healthy, had house to stay, etc., plus what kind of person they were looking for, not forgetting their contact number. I didn't know that I could find such thing in real life over there!

Love quote (Source:

Hm... to find the right one wasn't easy, was it? It required fate and good karma from past lives. Even if it came, the period would also depending. Some met for short time, and some could remain for a lifetime. Wasn't it a mystery? :)

Temple of Heaven - 4th December 2015

My son and I continued walking and visited the three main areas as per shown above. It was at different places and we had to walk a lot as the distance was quite far from one place to another. That's the main characteristic of visiting places in China. Everything was so big and huge, and you needed strong legs to browse the place around. So if you would love to visit China, do it while you were still young, strong, and healthy! :)

Browsed the surrounding parks - Temple of Heaven 

We were blessed with a beautiful weather and clear blue sky! We continued walking and visiting the surrounded parks. Felt the peace and serenity that it offered. How wonderful it was, especially if you walked there with your loved one, side be side and holding hands together so you wouldn't fall and at the same time, you could enjoy the scenery around you. Many trees were there since hundred over years ago. It was still standing sturdy and texture was smooth.  When tired, we sat at the seat provided under the trees. I filled up my travel journal then chit chatted with my dear son :)

Blessing quote :)

I felt truly blessed la! Never thought that one day I could bring my son there and we spent a great bonding time together, just he and I :)

Christmas mood at KFC Beijing :)

We went back to our hostel to collect the bag and stopped by at KFC to have snack meal. Too bad the Doraemon toy promotion had over, otherwise I could bring some toys back as souvenir :P

Roadside local snack - Kao Leng Mian - Fried cold noodles

We took metro back to my friend's house. While waiting for her, I felt a bit hungry. There was a snack seller at nearby area and I decided to buy one portion to taste as I'd never eaten it before. Hmmm.... not bad. Hot food was always great on such cold winter night! 

Japanese curry rice with love :)

Back home, my friend prepared her delicious Japanese curry rice as requested by son. Haha... Lucky him being able to taste his favourite food even as far as in Beijing! Thank you Hong Mei for the food. We loved it so much! And that was how our fourth day in Beijing went by! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beijing Itinerary - Day 3 YongHeGong or Lama Temple, GuoJiZian St, NanLuoGuXiang or South LuoGu Alley, roasted duck at QianMen

Sorry for a long pause regarding the Beijing itinerary in this blog ^^ Read about our day 1 here and day 2 here :)

It was such a beautiful sunny day! :) My son and I headed to YongHeGong 雍和宫 (Palace of Peace and Harmony) or Lama Temple as our first stop. It was a Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism temple, located conveniently under metro Line 2. The entrance fee cost CNY ¥25 (S$5.50) per person inclusive one box of joystick for us to pray.

YongHeGong or Lama Temple - Beijing

The temple was built in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty. The building structure was a mixture of Han Chinese and Tibetan style. It became the national centre of Lama administration (source: Wikipedia).

We visited every prayer altars available and offered our prayers there. It felt good being able to visit the place again. I used to come here once in a while during my school time back in 1996-97. Being far away from home, the sight of Buddha statue offered me comfort and a great deal of peacefulness inside my heart. I was glad that I could bring my son here :) Hope he felt the same! ^^

Lama Temple Youth Hostel :)

We checked in to a youth hostel nearby, called Lama Youth Hostel. My bestie recommended me this place. It located not far from metro station and many other scenic area around the temple. It too my son's first experience staying at youth hostel, a cheaper alternative accommodation when traveling abroad. We chose the room for two and it cost us CNY ¥220 (S$50) with toilet inside. The room was so so, but the heater worked well so we both could sleep comfortably that night :)

My favorite snack in Beijing - Jian Bing or scallions pancake

We put our bag inside the room and went out again. Our stomach had growled! We wanted to eat steamed dumpling at nearby area. However, it turned up to be the place for cooking lesson :P Luckily on our way, I found my favorite snack, the scallions pancake, and steamed meat bun to warm our stomach temporarily.

Guojizian and Juer Hutong - small alleys near YongHeGong Lama Temple

We continued walking and passed by small alleys at Guojizian St, where you could find Confusius Temple. The houses, cafés, and museum on the left and right of the alley were antique and beautiful. It's worth having a walk there as it brought us back to the life many years back. As we walked, it led us to a big street, called AnDingMen St. And there, we decided to have a proper lunch at Lao Beijing Restaurant :)

Our lunch at Lao Beijing Restaurant :)

Hm.... I managed to let Baobei trying the authentic ZhaJiang noodle (soya paste sauce noodles) plus JiaoZi (steamed dumpling) - both were the famous local Beijing delicacies :) Both dishes cost us CNY ¥56 (S$12).

While eating, I chit chatted with my son. I told him this trip would be my birthday present for him. One day, when he reached  30 years old, would it be possible that both of us be here again, sitting at the same seat and enjoying the same food. But by that time, it would be him the one who said, "Ma, this trip would be my birthday present for you," and he could only smile without agreeing. Lol! :P

Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Beijing - China

After lunch we continued walking to many other famous and well-preserved alley, still with traditional Chinese architecture in the area, and it led us to Nan Luo Gu Xiang - at DongCheng District.  It was a long stretch road with many shops and restaurants on its left and right.

Took rest and had coffee - Nan Luo Gu Xiang :)

Both of us walked and shopped until our legs were so tired! We decided to enter a café and took a rest there. Btw, the coffee price in Beijing didn't come cheap you know! It's price could fight with Starbucks in Singapore. E.g. this cup of cappuccino of mine cost CNY ¥30 (S$6.50) per glass and a normal cup of coffee cost CNY ¥25 (S$5.50).

Baobei with frosted cream above his lips ^^

In the evening we met up with my cousin. We were having the famous Beijing roasted duck together at Qian Men. The restaurant name was Si Ji Min Fu. According to her, this place was usually visited by her school mates as the price was reasonable, CNY ¥188 (S$40) per piece, the taste was equally delicious, and the duck bones could be deep fried and eaten there with a small charge. At other restaurants, the price per duck would usually cost above CNY ¥220 (S$50) and the guest could bring the bones back home or they would cook the soup using it and served it there after meal.

Si Ji Min Fu - Delicious roasted Beijing duck in Qian Men

Hmmm... True enough! It tasted delicious. We ordered one piece of duck for 3 of us with pancakes and condiments to be eaten together plus another meat dish. Nyummy!!! I could still remember its taste even now! :P Altogether we paid CNY ¥279 (S$60) for 3 of us (inclusive 1 big bottle of YanJing Beer - the local produced Beijing beer). ^^

The place was not so big but consisted of two storey. It was in the alley but easy to find, within walking distance from Qian Men metro station. When you saw Madame Tussauds building, there was an alley on the right. The restaurant was just within 20 meters walk. Well, people's taste bud might be different from one to another but for me I loved it and would come back for more! :)

So that was how we spent our 3rd day in Beijing. Food, sightseeing, prayer, coffee time, what a great combination to spend your day with. Try it yourself if you visit the city! :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Many happy days on 14th February 2016

Happy Valentine's and Happy Birthday! 14th February 2016

Many happy days? Yeah! First of all, Happy Valentine's Day for anyone who celebrated, especially those who were in love with their loved ones. It could be their boyfriend/ girlfriend, spouse, parents, best friends, friends, etc.

The best gift on earth - nature :)

It's a great earning's day for flower seller (especially roses) on that special day too as flower symbolised their love feeling towards their loved ones. Did I get any? Yeah, from nature surrounding me ;)

Second, it fell on 7th day of lunar calender, which for Chinese, it signified everyone's Birthday or they called it "Ren Ri" 人日. So, Happy Birthday everyone! ^^

Toss prosperity dish with besties :)

It's the day where we ate 7 types of vegetables and sometimes it's the day where we would toss the prosperity dishes called Yu Sheng 鱼生 or Lo Hei 捞起 in Cantonese. While tossing it, many good words (in Chinese) were shouted as it increased our confidence and believe that thing would follow accordingly, such as: 身体健康 (shen ti jian kang) wish for good health, 万事如意 (wan shi ru yi) wish for good luck, 年年有余 (nian nian you yu) abundance throughout the year, 天天秘密 (tian tian mi mi) sweet days everyday, and so on.

Our ritual CNY reunion dinner at home sweet home :)

Apart from the two happy days above, we also entered the 5th year staying at our house. Time indeed flew. Still remember the night when my hubby and I went and return for so many times to transfer our goods from the old house. It was such an exercise but we were happy and exciting for finally moving in. It's still a great place to stay, a simple and humble place where I could find my peace and serenity :)

Joy and tears altogether :D

And last but not least, it also marked our 1st month Anniversary working in this company (me and my colleague) ^^ It wasn't easy time to go through but we finally went over our first month end closing. From missing the bus to stay over  midnight. From messaging the wrong person to entering the wrong door. We had our laughter and tears in such a short month! The pain that we had to go through, it's worth it though. And it's not ended yet! Still more months to come!

Have a blessed Monkey year ahead! :)

I wish things will go smoothly this year. Wish everyone's dreams and hopes will come true. And people will live in peace and harmony, blessed with abundance of love and happiness! Wish all of you have a wonderful journey! All the best! ^^

Friday, February 12, 2016

Words from heaven

Soar above the sky!!!

Hoaahhheeeemmmmm....... I was sooo... tireddddd after sitting down continuously for almost fourteen hours since this morning, leaving my seat only for a ten-minute lunch and few series of toilet break.

Ugghh... I used to hear my friend telling me that she only had 3 to 4 hours to sleep almost everyday when she was working as an auditor. And I still remembered telling my Mom that I would never pick a job that made me working until so late almost everyday, no matter how much they were going to pay me. But it was thing in the past now as this had become a part of my everyday's life.

"Hey Ms Ong, I'll take a break for a while," I informed my Boss who was sitting in her cubicle. She nodded her head while her eyes were still stuck at the monitor and both hands were busy typing the keyboard.

I took my office key card and decided to go out of the office building to get some fresh air. Ohhh...., it was cold outside as I was stepped out of the building. It seemed that the rain had just stopped. 

I opened my arms wide hugging the invisible air. "Hmm... what a perfect weather to sleep and hide under my blanket right now," I imagined.

Kreerkkk..... kreekkk.... The sound appeared as I stretched my back and hands to the left and right. Hoaaheeemmmmmm...... and I started yawning again as I rested my butt down to the curb roadside near the entrance door.

I lifted my head looking high up into the sky. "Hmmm.. Today no moon, and no stars. Hey, what's that???" Suddenly I heard the sound of birds' flapping and as they passed over me, something fell down from one of the bird's grip, right in front me.

"Hhhmmmm???? Apa itu?" means 'what's that' in Malay words. Weird, it looked like a paper rolled with red ribbon and it seemed like a letter. Hm? Who in the hell sent the letter using the birds nowadays? Wasn't it faster using What's App, We Chat, or Facebook messenger? With curious mind I took it from the floor, pulled the ribbon, and straighten the paper.

Uggh! I was stunned! This handwriting... this handwriting... it was very familiar to me. But, how could it be??? I immediately read it and it was written like this:

"Sorry my dear, I can only wish and pray that all goes well, and it shall be alright.
Lets hope dear! It's all transient, and it will pass soon!

Let me send you my love and moral support, my gentle hugggssss and kissses...

I'll offer you my shoulder to rest upon, my chest to lean on.
My lap to sit upon, and a pair of ears to listen to. Plus my hands to pat on ur back...

Want some entertainment?
I'll dance for you, your favourite cartoon face dance

Want to relax?
I'll massage your whole body!

Want to pour out your frustrations?
Let's cry out and drench upon my shirt.

And want to forget everything?
Lets make love!
But this time, I will make sure I'll last longer and satisfy you, and transfer you to a different world!

What world?
A world ruled not by paper, neither by power, nor by wealth. Not even by name and fame.
But, it's a world filled with love, care, and compassion...

Where you are just like a bird,
and the sky is open for you to fly anywhere and any ways you want it!
And I will be there, flying happily by your side...

Yours truly and always..."

Words from heaven

My tears flew without me realizing it. This letter, no doubt, must be sent from heaven! This must have been written by my ex-boyfriend, who passed away last year when he was climbing up the Himalaya's mountain, when suddenly the earthquake happened.

I tried to forget him by choosing this kind of job, that exhausted and drained me out every night, so I didn't have to think about him anymore when I went back into my room. This sudden loss had made me scared to fall in love again too! I never found someone as caring as him before, and I believed that no one would be as lovely as him, who often wrote me letters while traveling, showering me with his love and care whenever I needed it, just like the cases he mentioned in that letter. And his dance, oh, unbelievable! It always made me laughing out loud whenever he did it.

"Rima, wake up! Rima!" I felt someone calling and tapping my back. "If you tired, go home now and take a rest. Continue tomorrow," said Ms Ong.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Oh, I fell asleep on my office table. I felt something on my right hand. The red ribbon. But, how come? Where is the letter????

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Adapt and fall in love with it! :)

Good morning! :)

The sky was starting to bright when I came out from my house yesterday. The crescent moon was up there as if squinting and smiling at me, wishing me sincerely for a lovely day :)

As I walked towards the bus stop, suddenly the wind swirled the bunch of leaves on the stony floor towards my direction. It was simple thing that nature did, but it brought a smile upon my lips.

"Thank you for making me smile," I whispered to them.

I reached my office and this time to my table. No more sitting at temporary office. I dusted the table,  arranged the location of my laptop, monitor, tray, files, and so on, until I felt right.

It's an open concept office and we sat together with staffs from other departments. So whatever you talked, they could hear you.

It's my first time I worked in this kind of environment. Previously I worked in a small office consisting 3 tables only and we were familiar with each other. And there was full partition that gave me enough privacy to do my work. Here, the space was quite limited. The shape of the table was even funny. It wasn't the usual L rectangular shape, but more curvy and unbalanced.

I looked around my neighbour on how they positioned their monitor and all that, and we were all arranged it almost the same way, a more comfortable way to sit but not to place our documents. Haha... Anyway, let's just be grateful that at least I had finally my own place to work now.

Another thing. The keyboard sounds were coming all over the place. And chatter could also be heard freely. This was something I wasn't accustomed to but I guessed this is the working life that people usually had, and what I needed was to adapt to the new environment!

Well, let's see how far and how long I could walk through this. Just like I mentioned in previous post, many things were new for me. And as we know, changes were inevitable. So, let me embrace the change and fall in love with it!!!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Happiness is a state of mind by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa

Happiness is a state of mind book :)

I found this within the shelf at Bishan library many weeks ago. The happiness book. Well, there were many of those written and spread out all over the world right?

His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa  (Pic source:

But this one, it was written by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa, the spiritual Head of Drukpa Lineage, who was also an active environmentalist and educator.

Excerpt from the back of the Happiness is a state of mind book 

Read the excepts attached here and you would understand why I loved this book so much!

Secret to a joyful life :)

This book had accompanied me through my darkest days, when I felt helpless, no hope, and felt like giving up.

Where is the real happiness???

This book had worked on me as if it could read my mind, when it was engulfed with so much fear and worry.

Free to be happy! Anywhere, anytime! :)

This book had helped me opening up my mind and reminding me always that the happiness was always here inside everyone of us, and it was up to us whether we were strong enough to let it appear and fill our heart with it.

Share happiness reminders! 

At the end of some chapters, there would be some reminders to practise what I'd read.

Random act of happiness ^^

And my favorite was the above! ;) So, let you decide if this was the book that you were looking for to help you going through your weary mind and soul. It's all written in simple and easy language. So, wish you all a wonderful day! Hope everything goes well and smooth in everything that you do! Take care readers and all the best in finding your happiness within! :)
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