Thursday, February 04, 2016

Adapt and fall in love with it! :)

Good morning! :)

The sky was starting to bright when I came out from my house yesterday. The crescent moon was up there as if squinting and smiling at me, wishing me sincerely for a lovely day :)

As I walked towards the bus stop, suddenly the wind swirled the bunch of leaves on the stony floor towards my direction. It was simple thing that nature did, but it brought a smile upon my lips.

"Thank you for making me smile," I whispered to them.

I reached my office and this time to my table. No more sitting at temporary office. I dusted the table,  arranged the location of my laptop, monitor, tray, files, and so on, until I felt right.

It's an open concept office and we sat together with staffs from other departments. So whatever you talked, they could hear you.

It's my first time I worked in this kind of environment. Previously I worked in a small office consisting 3 tables only and we were familiar with each other. And there was full partition that gave me enough privacy to do my work. Here, the space was quite limited. The shape of the table was even funny. It wasn't the usual L rectangular shape, but more curvy and unbalanced.

I looked around my neighbour on how they positioned their monitor and all that, and we were all arranged it almost the same way, a more comfortable way to sit but not to place our documents. Haha... Anyway, let's just be grateful that at least I had finally my own place to work now.

Another thing. The keyboard sounds were coming all over the place. And chatter could also be heard freely. This was something I wasn't accustomed to but I guessed this is the working life that people usually had, and what I needed was to adapt to the new environment!

Well, let's see how far and how long I could walk through this. Just like I mentioned in previous post, many things were new for me. And as we know, changes were inevitable. So, let me embrace the change and fall in love with it!!!


Tashi Chenzom said... is never going to be the same as before. New things come in and so we got to be able to adapt and live normally and happily. Glad to read this mam.

Take care!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! Losar is coming soon! Another new year, wish you be happy always! Take care! :)

Tashi Chenzom said...

yes mam...Losar is coming. I too wish you a very happy losar. Enjoy!!

Kipchu Kipchu said...

You can do it la! You will overcome it.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu! I hope I will ^^

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