Friday, February 26, 2016

Good morning quotes

Good morning quote sent by buddy colleague :)

Morning is the time where our mood decided our whole day happiness. Life can be rough sometimes. Even after a good night sleep, we still wake up with worry for what comes next.

Grateful quote :)

And this, can be overcome by being grateful for the good health and positive spirit we have, and for everything that happens in our life's journey.

Grateful beyond measure ^^

Apart from that, receiving good morning quotes from someone who cares and loves us is something that I've been feeling grateful.

Be positive quote reminder :)

Like the above. It was sent by my buddy colleague. We both are new and together we face our challenge at work together.

She is too, my partner in crime. We both were scolded for laughing too loud, which disturbed others who were working. In fact, lunch was the only time we had to destress our mind. Now, we had to be aware to lower down our laughter during our lunch break :P

Cute greeting sent by dear Mom :)

And the above picture was sent by my dear Mom :D She too, knows that I go through a challenging time and she would sent encouragement like the above to all of us, to motivate us, aside from her prayers everyday. Thank you Mom! Thank you dear friends! Thank you everyone who has made my morning positive and beautiful. And you too, can be one of them. Start today and make other's life beautiful!

Never quit quote

The above quote, let me dedicate it to all of you, who are also going through some rough times in life :)

Hello weekend! By Heather Rosehill

And ladies, if you like the above drawing, you can follow her Instagram and check her website. She draws beautifully and her quotes are motivating, especially for ladies :) So, wish you all a wonderful weekend lah! Have a great one and take care! ^^


kinleywangchuk said...

It did make my day..thank you for sharing...!!

Rima Reyka said...

Glad that it did! My pleasure and enjoy your new life in Mongar la! :)

Rachna Chhabria said...

Thankyou for sharing these lovely quotes, Rima. It brightened up my mood :) Am sharing your post on my Twitter!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Rachna! I wish you a wonderful month ahead and inspire people to always keep writing! ^^

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