Monday, February 15, 2016

Many happy days on 14th February 2016

Happy Valentine's and Happy Birthday! 14th February 2016

Many happy days? Yeah! First of all, Happy Valentine's Day for anyone who celebrated, especially those who were in love with their loved ones. It could be their boyfriend/ girlfriend, spouse, parents, best friends, friends, etc.

The best gift on earth - nature :)

It's a great earning's day for flower seller (especially roses) on that special day too as flower symbolised their love feeling towards their loved ones. Did I get any? Yeah, from nature surrounding me ;)

Second, it fell on 7th day of lunar calender, which for Chinese, it signified everyone's Birthday or they called it "Ren Ri" 人日. So, Happy Birthday everyone! ^^

Toss prosperity dish with besties :)

It's the day where we ate 7 types of vegetables and sometimes it's the day where we would toss the prosperity dishes called Yu Sheng 鱼生 or Lo Hei 捞起 in Cantonese. While tossing it, many good words (in Chinese) were shouted as it increased our confidence and believe that thing would follow accordingly, such as: 身体健康 (shen ti jian kang) wish for good health, 万事如意 (wan shi ru yi) wish for good luck, 年年有余 (nian nian you yu) abundance throughout the year, 天天秘密 (tian tian mi mi) sweet days everyday, and so on.

Our ritual CNY reunion dinner at home sweet home :)

Apart from the two happy days above, we also entered the 5th year staying at our house. Time indeed flew. Still remember the night when my hubby and I went and return for so many times to transfer our goods from the old house. It was such an exercise but we were happy and exciting for finally moving in. It's still a great place to stay, a simple and humble place where I could find my peace and serenity :)

Joy and tears altogether :D

And last but not least, it also marked our 1st month Anniversary working in this company (me and my colleague) ^^ It wasn't easy time to go through but we finally went over our first month end closing. From missing the bus to stay over  midnight. From messaging the wrong person to entering the wrong door. We had our laughter and tears in such a short month! The pain that we had to go through, it's worth it though. And it's not ended yet! Still more months to come!

Have a blessed Monkey year ahead! :)

I wish things will go smoothly this year. Wish everyone's dreams and hopes will come true. And people will live in peace and harmony, blessed with abundance of love and happiness! Wish all of you have a wonderful journey! All the best! ^^


Sherab Tenzin said...

Happy Belated valentine's day to you and your hubby. Hope you two live together well making everyday a valentine's day. God bless you two.

Tashi Chenzom said...

So many reasons to celebrate the day!! Anyways Happy Valentines' day though I am very late.
Wish you a beautiful week ahead

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you and same to you Sherab! May Buddha bless you too for everything in your life! :) Have a wonderful day! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too Tashi! Wish you a beautiful week ahead too! Thank you for reading! Take care! :)

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