Friday, February 12, 2016

Words from heaven

Soar above the sky!!!

Hoaahhheeeemmmmm....... I was sooo... tireddddd after sitting down continuously for almost fourteen hours since this morning, leaving my seat only for a ten-minute lunch and few series of toilet break.

Ugghh... I used to hear my friend telling me that she only had 3 to 4 hours to sleep almost everyday when she was working as an auditor. And I still remembered telling my Mom that I would never pick a job that made me working until so late almost everyday, no matter how much they were going to pay me. But it was thing in the past now as this had become a part of my everyday's life.

"Hey Ms Ong, I'll take a break for a while," I informed my Boss who was sitting in her cubicle. She nodded her head while her eyes were still stuck at the monitor and both hands were busy typing the keyboard.

I took my office key card and decided to go out of the office building to get some fresh air. Ohhh...., it was cold outside as I was stepped out of the building. It seemed that the rain had just stopped. 

I opened my arms wide hugging the invisible air. "Hmm... what a perfect weather to sleep and hide under my blanket right now," I imagined.

Kreerkkk..... kreekkk.... The sound appeared as I stretched my back and hands to the left and right. Hoaaheeemmmmmm...... and I started yawning again as I rested my butt down to the curb roadside near the entrance door.

I lifted my head looking high up into the sky. "Hmmm.. Today no moon, and no stars. Hey, what's that???" Suddenly I heard the sound of birds' flapping and as they passed over me, something fell down from one of the bird's grip, right in front me.

"Hhhmmmm???? Apa itu?" means 'what's that' in Malay words. Weird, it looked like a paper rolled with red ribbon and it seemed like a letter. Hm? Who in the hell sent the letter using the birds nowadays? Wasn't it faster using What's App, We Chat, or Facebook messenger? With curious mind I took it from the floor, pulled the ribbon, and straighten the paper.

Uggh! I was stunned! This handwriting... this handwriting... it was very familiar to me. But, how could it be??? I immediately read it and it was written like this:

"Sorry my dear, I can only wish and pray that all goes well, and it shall be alright.
Lets hope dear! It's all transient, and it will pass soon!

Let me send you my love and moral support, my gentle hugggssss and kissses...

I'll offer you my shoulder to rest upon, my chest to lean on.
My lap to sit upon, and a pair of ears to listen to. Plus my hands to pat on ur back...

Want some entertainment?
I'll dance for you, your favourite cartoon face dance

Want to relax?
I'll massage your whole body!

Want to pour out your frustrations?
Let's cry out and drench upon my shirt.

And want to forget everything?
Lets make love!
But this time, I will make sure I'll last longer and satisfy you, and transfer you to a different world!

What world?
A world ruled not by paper, neither by power, nor by wealth. Not even by name and fame.
But, it's a world filled with love, care, and compassion...

Where you are just like a bird,
and the sky is open for you to fly anywhere and any ways you want it!
And I will be there, flying happily by your side...

Yours truly and always..."

Words from heaven

My tears flew without me realizing it. This letter, no doubt, must be sent from heaven! This must have been written by my ex-boyfriend, who passed away last year when he was climbing up the Himalaya's mountain, when suddenly the earthquake happened.

I tried to forget him by choosing this kind of job, that exhausted and drained me out every night, so I didn't have to think about him anymore when I went back into my room. This sudden loss had made me scared to fall in love again too! I never found someone as caring as him before, and I believed that no one would be as lovely as him, who often wrote me letters while traveling, showering me with his love and care whenever I needed it, just like the cases he mentioned in that letter. And his dance, oh, unbelievable! It always made me laughing out loud whenever he did it.

"Rima, wake up! Rima!" I felt someone calling and tapping my back. "If you tired, go home now and take a rest. Continue tomorrow," said Ms Ong.

I opened my eyes and looked around. Oh, I fell asleep on my office table. I felt something on my right hand. The red ribbon. But, how come? Where is the letter????


Tashi Chenzom said...

Haha... So it was a imagination only. But I loved the message in the letter. It was so touching! Take Care and work slowly!!

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... It might happen in real no? ;) Thank you for your comment la! The message was indeed so touching! I'd fly like a bird receiving it! Hahaha... ^^ Wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

Sherab Tenzin said...

OMG.... such a naughty woman you're. I was foolishly curious to know whether it was real. But oh, curiosity killed the cat in me. Hope keyboard pads didn't come up pasting on your forehead .....:D

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... What I posted here is not necessarily real all the time lah! But I hope you enjoyed reading it! And no, I haven't yet ever slept in the office while working ;P

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading it Sherab! :)

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