Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March, you are lovely! :)

Hello March by Heather Rosehill :)

Today the weather was really good. This evening after work, I decided to go to the park nearby my house with a book on my hand and a cotton handbag at another. I bought a burger and a cup of Pepsi on my way there.

I chose a place near the stony round chair and sat down on the grass. Hmmm.... it was soft, like a cotton. The tree above me protected me from the shade. "What a lovely day," whispered me and smiled :)

I took the burger out from its wrapper and had a sip of Pepsi. Slurppp..... ahhhh.... it fed my thirst immediately! How long it'd been since the last time I had it. I wasn't usually taking soft drink. Perhaps, I took beer more often than that :D

I took a big bite on my burger. Crackkkk.... hmmmm..... this crispy chicken breast from the outside spellbound me. Again, when was the last time I had this junk food? Lol... I'd been eating so much less junk food as my age increased. Not a sign of aging, mind you. I'd just been more aware with what thing that entered into my body. As we knew, junk food wasn't that healthy for the body and the pocket :P

Slowly but sure I ate it up and emptied half cup of my soda. I lied my whole body down facing the grass then leisurely opened up my book and read it. What a treasure moment like this! This place was so harmonious!

Children were running around freely. They fell down sometimes, but they didn't cry. They got up and ran again, treating the grass as if it was a big layer soft carpet! They mixed around with anyone they met. Indian with Chinese, Malay with Vietnamese. Hm.... what a great place to live in!

The park was facing the river and I could hear the water sound from where I sat. What a wonderful place and day! And what a wonderful month - March, please be gentle with us. Let us smile and laugh again. But this time, let it be a real one! Wish you all a wonderful spring or autumn my dear readers! Hope yours are beautiful too! :)

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