Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading and to be read list book :)

Despite hectic life at work, I tried squeezing my time to read, e.g. while sitting in the bus, before sleeping, and so on. These past few months I could only read two or three books the most!

Go Set A Watchman - Thank you Rekha for the book! ^^

Last month I finally read two Harper Lee's books - To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman. And now, I currently read one of Ernest Hemingway's books - The Sun Also Rises - as I hadn't read his book before and was curious about his writing. P.S. Thank you Kipchu for sending me the e-books :)

And yesterday, when having a morning walk with my Bhutanese friend cum blogger, Uden, we suddenly talked about books. She loved reading too. So this topic caught my attention immediately.

Uden and I :)

She was asking me what book I was currently reading and then she told me about her favourite books, which she recommended me to read. Below were her recommendation and it's gonna be my TBR book list when I got them on my hand :)

1. Book written by Indian novelist, whose book had been shortlisted for the Booker Prize the times, Anita Desai. Uden couldn't remember the title, but she told me she loved her writing so much and asked me to read at least one of her books. She had written almost twenty books in total. Maybe anyone of you would recommend me which book that I should read it first? :)

When Breath Becomes Air - Paul Kalanithi 

2. "When Breath Becomes Air," written by Paul Kalanithi. It's an inspirational book. The author had just finished a decade's training as a Neurosurgeon, when he was diagnosed with stage IV of lung cancer. With the remaining time of his life, he wrote this book as he wondered what made life worth living in the face of death. He died in March 2015, yet his words lived on as a guide for the rest who remained alive. Uden said he wrote it beautifully and meaningfully. So, this would be my must to be read book this year!!!

The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

3. The White Tiger written by another Indian author, Aravind Adiga. Uden didn't mention much about the content or story from this book. However, this book won the 40th Man Booker Prize in 2008. From the online review, this book depicted issues of caste, religions, loyalty, corruption, and poverty in India. Seemed interesting! :)

Thank you Uden for the list of books you recommended me yesterday! Hope I'd get it soon! Wish everyone a wonderful Sunday! Fill your time with reading book once in a while and hope one of the books listed above would be an inspiration of what to read next! ;)


Choki Gyeltshen said...

Wonderful list of books you got there ;)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Choki! I'm sure you have many tbr books on your list too!;) Hope you are doing great there! ^^

Tashi Chenzom said...

Keep up with your passion of reading!! Lovely books mam.
Happy Sunday!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! Enjoy your Sunday too! :)

Tshewang Dorji said...

I read the last book and it is indeed a good book. best of luck!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tshewang! I hope I can get it pretty soon :) Have a wonderful day! ^^

Yeesi7 said...

I wish I could do the same as you. I love your guys passions for reading :)
No. 2 is the catch here. Thanks for sharing this post. I will see if I can get my hands on this book.


Rima Reyka said...

Hi Yeshi, yes you can do it too. The choice is in your hands dear ^^ You can sneakily read while Bumchu is sleeping hehehe.... You are a passionate reader too. Get your habit back once you see there is an opportunity to do so. After all, I'm a Mom too :D

And yes, I can't wait to get the no 2 book on my hand too.Looks like it's a great one! :)

Take care and remember you get your passion in reading and writing back soon!


Rima ;)

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