Saturday, March 26, 2016


A: "Hey!"

H: "What? 

A: "You know what?"

H: "What?"

A: "Your time is up. It's time for you to come back."

H: "But..."

A: "But what? You have tried your best."

H: "I know. But...."

A: "You have really tried your best. It's up to them to make good use of it or not. But your time is up dear."

H: "Tell me. Am I such a failure?"

A: "No. You are not. I can see how you put your heart and soul into it. And..."

H: "And what?"

A: "And you are now falling into it. That's why you are reluctant now."

H: "Well... Is it a mistake?"

A: "No. It isn't. You are just caring and loving too much. That's it."

H: "So how?"

A: "There is nothing you can do now. You see, things get better now. She's been happy with her life and she has already known what she must do now in order to live her life to her fullest. What else do you want? Unless.."

H: "Unless what?"

A: "Unless you are willing to let everything go and go back to the earth, be reborn again."

H: "Reborn again?"

A: "Yes, reborn again."

H: "But it means..."

A: "Yes, it means... you can be born as her son."

H: "Her son?"

A: "Yes, her son."

H: "But... I don't want to be her son. I want to be beside her, protect her all through her life."

A: "That's what the son's job is. To protect his mom all through her life."

H: "Well, I do want to, but her son?"

A: "You don't have much choice dear. Either you come back to where you belong, or you will be reborn as her son."

H: *speechless and head spun around...

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PS: This post was inspired by this afternoon's conversation with my besties. They were saying that Chinese believed that if the son was the Mom's past life's lover while the daughter was the Dad's past life's lover. Then I told them that in this case, my father must have had many lovers in the past, and my poor hubby didn't even have one... :D


Tashi Chenzom said...

Haha... an interesting belief. Its always glad to love and be close to our heroic father.

Take care and missing you!

Rima Reyka said...

Yeah and I only found it out recently too! Take care and missing you too la! :)

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