Thursday, May 12, 2016

Morning journal - GRATITUDE :)

Writing morning journal inside this comfortable public bus, on my way to work, gives me a sense of privacy, a "me-time", a moment, where I can speak to my heart of what I feel every morning, everyday, with a fresh mind, fresh brain.

Morning journal :)

Most often or not, gratitude feeling is what I conveyed as a fresh beginning, as I fold a new and mysterious day. It constitutes "living in the present moment", awareness of gratitude that most of us are blessed with great health, have enough sleep every night, have sufficient food and drink to sustain our physical body, have a job as chance to earn sufficient earning, for the presence of our loved ones everywhere in this world, for the love I'm able to give and receive, and so on.

Gratitude - The Magic by Rhonda Byrne 

The list is too long and it's a never ending feeling I have. There are always things to be grateful with.

Gratitude - The Magic by Rhonda Byrne 

Just like the above quote said, gratitude feeling can easily alter your mood. That grouchy feeling you encounter the day before due to many unhappiness or unfairness things in life, the unlovable feeling you have when someone break your heart, can't get what you want or make your dream come true, all that can change in a second, even millisecond, at the moment you think of gratitude.

Blessed with beautiful sunrise every morning! :)

It allows you to think positive instead. With the believe that everything happens for a reason - only for a good reason - you'll be able to start your day happier and live it fuller. So, find your "me-time" and empty notebook with a pen (if you don't have one, message me your name and address and I'll send you one). Start having this habit and see if your life changes tremendously for the better :)


Sherab Tenzi said...

Aum Rima, reading your post of maintaining a morning journal, I am like, 'wow, that would be quite fun'. It will not only help us find time for studying ourselves, it'll also help us divert those unnecessarily outside world distractions to channelize our inner energy for better purposes. Thanks. Keep blogging!

Rima Reyka said...

What you mentioned above is true Sherab! Try it for yourself and see if it helps you to understand yourself better :)

Thank you for reading and comment as always! Wish you a wonderful day ahead! ^^

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