Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday with Sangay

"So, what's your plan for tomorrow?" my friend was asking me last night.

"Plan to wake up early and go for a walk. But I'll be alone. Most of my friends are not in Singapore. So let's see if I can make it. Otherwise I will sleep, eat, read, sleep, eat, read, and sleep," replied me.

And this morning, when the alarm was ringing, I turned it off and continued sleeping. Lol!

I felt hungry after waking up and asked my son to get ready so we both could have good local food for breakfast. And then I remembered that I supposed to meet someone who was coming from Bhutan. But I didn't have her number. All I had was only her email and I hadn't received her reply yet about the meeting today. I immediately sent message to Luzee and Uden asking them if they had her number. Uden didn't have while Luzee wasn't online. Haiz... so I just kept it cool and went out for late breakfast.

Baobei and I - while waiting for Sangay at her hotel's lobby :)

I checked my email again and suddenly I saw the reply from her saying about her arrival this afternoon. Oh, the timing was just nice! After had our meal, both of us went to the hotel where Sangay stayed. I added her phone no into my contact list, sent her message at What's App but she wasn't online. My son and I kept waiting at the lobby hoping to see her. I went to concierge too and asked the staff to connect me to her room but no one picked up the phone.

I walked around the huge lobby and suddenly I saw a familiar face, which was Uden's face! Lol! She told me she was going to collect something from Sangay but couldn't go out with her as she had appointments. And yes, I finally met Sangay for the very first time! :)

She came alone from Bhutan but she would meet her colleague and together they would attend the conference. She asked me to follow her to her room as the things from Luzee was there.

It was her first time visiting Singapore and she had free time that afternoon. I offered her to bring her to places she wanted to visit if she had no plan at all and she agreed to it immediately. I asked my son to go back first and brought the fresh ema and datshi back home while I accompanied Sangay around. She said, she wanted to visit the place where Merlion was! :)

Sangay with Merlion under a burning sun ^^

It was just at the opposite of where she stayed so we walked there. The weather was too hot that afternoon! She was thirsty and hungry! Hahaha... We went there and took few clicks then she hurried me out of the place. We entered the Esplanade (the 'durian' shape building - world class theater) and walked through underpass towards the City Hall MRT. We stopped at few shops and she browsed around before we decided to go to Chinatown!

Early dinner at Chinatown Hawker Center :)

We had early dinner there. She wanted spicy noodle soup so we ordered the hot and sour Chinese pulled noodles while I ordered Xiao Long Bao - steamed pork dumplings. From pineapple juice, we ended up ordering a bottle of Tiger beer :P While eating we chit chatted about the new Thunder 15000 beer and Zumzin peach wine. She said she preferred having Druk 11000 as Thunder 15000 tasted bitter and stronger, not so suitable for her taste while she regretted me not to ask her bringing Zumzin from Bhutan :D I told her that I didn't know her before. How could I ask her such a favour la! ^^ We were having good times and she finally relieved that her stomach had been filled with food hahaha... :P

Visiting the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore 

After that we walked to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I showed her the place where the tooth relic was stored. Once done, we walked all the way to the Chinatown Point to browse some shops and to buy mineral water. She returned to her hotel herself by taking MRT while I was heading home.

I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge. My son had not yet had his dinner so I decided to cook ema datshi (the Bhutanese chili with cheese dish) for dinner with the ingredients gifted from Luzee and brought by Sangay (thank you both of you!)

Home cooked ema datshi from Bhutan!!! :)

Hmmm... it tasted really delicious! Both my son and I finished it. Although my fingers felt burn, my heart was filled with happiness!!! My Sunday became full of activities instead of sleep, eat, read, as I planned initially!

And Sangay, yes, this post is for you! :D It was nice meeting you! Wish you have a wonderful stay here in Singapore and enjoy your conference! Take care and see you again! Perhaps soon! ^^


Anonymous said...

Hullo, ma'am! your day was just wow! Am happy that you still keep with the Ema-Datsi...hehe!
@Happytostayconnected !!!

Rima Reyka said...

Kuzuzangpo Tenzin! Yeah indeed! We both had a great time! Like Luzee said - "Friendship over ema datshi" - suited our meeting here ^^

Thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful week ahead la! :)

Choki Gyeltshen said...

You had a good time!

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe... Yes la Choki! ^^ How have you been? Hope you are doing great! Take care! :)

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