Friday, September 16, 2016

Collect memories, not things

Sunrise at Surfers Paradise Beach - Gold Coast, Australia 

"Dear, dear... get up... get up..." whispered me beside his ears, who were still naked with only underwear left on his body. He was still tired from our rigorous lovemaking last night. I couldn't help but to wake him up as the view outside our balcony was so marvelous!!! The sun rays shone the surrounding areas. The beach sound, the cooling fresh air, the flying birds, it was just.... indescribable!!! And I couldn't just enjoy this beautiful scene alone.

"Hmm.... what time is it?" He opened one of his eyes. "It's just 6.38 am," whispered me. "Come on, you gotta have a look on this!" I open the curtain from our room's window. The sky had turned bright. "Balcony's view was even great!!" said me excitingly!

Breathtaking view of lovely Friday morning from the Balcony's :) - Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

He wore his blue color bathrobe and followed me to the balcony. "Woahhh....!!!!" exclaimed him as he opened both eyes shockingly. "This place isn't just Surfers Paradise, but also heavens on earth for honeymooners like us," continued him.

"Indeed dear!" Look at that view! Oh the flying birds!!! Aren't they beautiful? Remind me of us all the time! We can make this far and it's simply.... unbelievable!!!" told me.

"Nothing is impossible dear! As long as there is a will, there will be a way!" replied him and smiled. He stood behind me with two arms lingered and wrapped upon my body facing towards the beautiful view. His hands grabbed both my arms tight symbolised of not wanting to let me go forever.

Beautiful sunrise!!!

Both of us just stood up there for minutes, watched the sunrise as it showed up slowly from the clouds, and enjoyed the moments together.

He kissed my cheeks from aside. "I love you dear..."

"I love you too...." replied me.

As the sun rose high, the temperature shot up. He knew I couldn't get too much sunshine so he asked me to get inside. But before that, he said, "Dear, let's take a selfie here..., to commemorate our precious moments together," while smiling.

"Sure!" replied me, while smiling too.

"Collect moments, not things."

P.S. This post was inspired by the beautiful view we had over here. As said above, to commemorate and keep the memories. Wish everyone a beautiful and lovely day!!!


Tashi Chenzom said...'s such a romantic narration. Loved it. The pictures of the sunrise was amazing as well. Made my day. Enjoy your holidays!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Tashi! Glad that you loved it! Wish you a lovely weekend too there!!! :)

Flora said...

Who wouldn't be as romentic as any one!!! Very romentic couple in romentic place under a romentic sunrise! You guys live happily together forever! 💗

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Flora! :)

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