Sunday, September 04, 2016

Memoir for you...

August passed by. I had folded another phase of my life's journey. Still remembered the time when I had just started it up. I had to wake up early in the morning in order to catch the public and company bus to work. Then, the struggle I had during first few days, weeks and months of my new job. I had to keep my mind positive all the time. Still recalled the journey in adapting to the new environment and falling in love with it :)

Home sweet home for the past 8 months :)

Month end closing could be nightmare sometimes, especially in the first few months, where I was left by the previous staff. Luckily someone was there and many colleagues were there to accompany me through my bitter times. Imaginations would appear sometimes, like what came out here.

A drop of notes of one month's Anniversary of my working life and photo could be found here too. Morning quotes were found to be very useful, sent by dear colleague and mom through the period.

Chinese New Year Company's Dinner at Hua Ting - Orchard Hotel 19 Feb 2016

We did not know should we felt lucky or not to work in the beginning of the year. Not so lucky as the month end closing for period one fell during the Chinese New Year period. Therefore, we had to come back to work during the New Year day 2. Gone were my mood to celebrate the new year hahaha... Lucky was because we were having the company Chinese New Year celebration at Hua Ting Restaurant and each of us was given a bag of Chinese New Year's goodies bag.

Abalone Lohei treat by TF :)

Apart of that, our Boss also treated us Chinese New Year's lunch after the month-end closing had over to appreciate our hard work during the difficult time :)

Department lunch treat after month-end closing - 11 Mar 2016

A month after that, after another closing, we were again treated with delicious lunch, again, to motivate and lift our spirit, also appreciate our laborious effort to pick the skills up in a very short period of time.

Breakfast and lunch menu every day with my bestie at office :)

Our office was located at industrial area. We had to walk a distance to the nearby 'makan' or eating place for lunch (Northtech or Yi Bai Bu - one hundred steps coffee shops). We did not have variety of food choices over there. And sometimes the sun was too hot or the rain was too heavy, prevented us from going out. Morning time, I usually had a cup of coffee from the coffee machine and bread or occasionally heavier meals (like fried beehoon, porridge with you tiao, nasi lemak, mee rebus, etc.) for breakfast - takeaway before reaching office. We ordered takeaway lunch from colleagues who went out to eat sometimes, or brought lighter food like salad, fruits, corn for lunch. Breakfast and lunch time were the times where me and besties sharing our stories and laughter :)

Besties at office :)

Once every one or two months, we would also have staff's engagement meeting at the bigger room downstairs. It was where our HR  Manager conveying their messages to all of us, followed with staff monthly Birthday's celebration. We were treated with Birthday cake and snacks during such occasions.

Team lunch after period 4 month-end closing - Bai Mi Fen 19 May 2016

Somewhere in May, I told my Boss that I did not intend to continue my contract. I felt that it was necessary for them to hire the shared services staffs as soon as possible as that was their main intention before hiring me and colleague. So it was when they started to move ahead with their initial plan and after the meeting, we went for team lunch, again, after the month-end closing. In June, we had surprise Birthday party for KH. I expressed my gratitude for her presence in the office in this post.

After period 5 month-end closing - Paulaner Brauhaus 9 Jun 16

Soon after, they set up the new team from Malaysia and they came to Singapore for few weeks to get the training from us. The above was the dinner held to all of us after the period 5 month-end's closing. Such a great relaxing time after another tiring month-end closing!!!

A night at Chinatown with Sujitha

Sujitha, the one who replaced my post, came again for another month-end's closing. I brought her to Chinatown since she had never been there before on Friday after work. We both had Mala Hotpot for dinner and shopped around the area :)

Team dinner in Red Dot Brewhouse at Dempsey Road - 27 Jul 2016

The Malaysia and Indonesia teams came the month after for SAP training. Before it was almost ending, we had another team dinner in Red Dot Brewhouse in Dempsey Road. There, we tried their special Monster green lager beer that was made of green Spirulina. Not bad ah! ;)

Farewell lunch by our dear Boss's Boss at Bali Thai Causeway Point - 19 Aug 2016

Clock ticked away. My last day was getting nearer. Due to my boss's boss flying schedule, she held farewell lunch for me before leaving for the official duty abroad. I thanked her so much for everything that she had done for me throughout my working days there. She was there for me always, from the beginning of my course of work, during my difficult times, even sometimes sacrificed her personal and family times in order to assist me and my other colleagues during month-end closing. And yet, she still treated me this farewell lunch hehehe.... :D Thank you very much lah!!! :)

Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore team dinner at Brussels Sprouts 24 Aug 2016

One month after their July's training, Malaysia and Indonesia team were coming again for UAT (User Acceptance Test) of SAP system and days before their training was over, we were having the team dinner at Brussels Sprouts, my last gathering dinner with all of them. That night, we celebrated our Boss's birthday which fell the day after :)

Boss Birthday Celebration at the office - 25 Aug 2016

The next morning and evening, she was surprised with both celebrations again, at the office from both Singapore and Malaysia teams. It was also to thank her for her help all this while throughout the course of our works there. She was more like my 'da jie' or big sister rather than my Boss hahaha... :P

My last day at office - 26 Aug 2016

So, my last day was finally coming!!! My colleagues treated me with surprise farewell lunch in Bali Thai Restaurant at Causeway Point. I still remembered, it was so hazy and I was so lazy to go out to eat. KH tricked me saying we would take taxi to Northtech (and we had to take cab due to haze, although it was not so far from our office to reach). But once inside, another colleague told the driver to go to another destination. Hahaha... Then 3 other colleagues were also coming for the lunch. I was touched lah!!! Thank you everyone for your invitation and appreciation of me as your colleague there :)

And as what my last post about, the three bottles above were my remained legacy left for the three teams out there. And at the photo above (most below part), were the beautiful ladies I worked most during the month-end period. On Friday night and Saturday afternoon I had to contact and call them for problem solving mostly. Thank you everyone for your kind helps and assistance especially during month-end closing. Without your help, I would not be able to tie my inventory figures... :D

Team farewell dinner at Mellben Seafood - Ang Mo Kio - 1 Sep 2016

Almost a week after my last day, we met again for my farewell dinner. The FP&A and accounting team were mostly present there. Thank you for being there, for your time and sincere wishes for my future endeavor. I appreciated and thanked all your help, support, assistance, and friendship that you offered during my course of work. Although I was there for less than 8 months, it felt like we had known each other for years.

Tak Po Dim Sum breakfast at Chinatown with Millioneoil - 4 Sep 2016

And last but not least, Ms Millioneoil treated me farewell dim sum breakfast this morning before I leave for my holiday trip. Thank you Ms Millioneoil for everything!!! She was my Saturday accompany who also bought me lunch to ensure I was full and had enough energy to do my month-end closing well. Shall meet you again after I come back for 'lim jiu' session :D

Everyone, once again, thank you very much for everything!!! Also for my Boss who left me with a beautiful 'love letter', which hopefully could be of any use in my future endeavor. Now before I leave for my one-month holiday break, I present the memoir above, for all my dear ex-colleagues. Hope it could bring you back to where it begun and you all would always be inside my memory, part of my beautiful life's journey. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! 


Flora said...

All besties been sealed in the visual memory of Rima, lucky girl surrounded by many good people! I am sure they already feel missed you!

Rima Reyka said...

Imbay la. I've been missing them too. We still chat once in a while through what's app la :)

Flora said...

That good we have many other options to keep in touch, World is too small with all these advance technology!

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