Thursday, September 01, 2016

September's realization of life

Hello September!

The favorite month of the year has returned!!! How time flies! We are now entering the third quarter of the year. Some enters the autumn season, some enters the spring season, some enters the rainy season, and some enters the hazy season like what we have right here in Singapore.

The same question appeared in my mind once again this morning upon writing the morning journal, which was. "What life is actually???"

Should we follow the majority of people in the world by settling our selves down with a proper full time job, earning a regular monthly salary, saving chunks of it for the olden days or rainy days so that we do not have to suffer too much in the future, in order for us to be considered as living a life??? Isn't it a life too, for not working wholly throughout the year, adding it with a little passion like traveling in between for few weeks or months, and dusting the other hobbies or passion in the daily life, such as: reading, writing, walking, etc.?

What is Life Quote (Source:

In the end, it is everyone's choice and decision how we want to live our life, isn't it?

I may not be loaded with lots of cash. The breakfast, lunch, or dinner that I have, may not be at fancy restaurant. The clothes that I wear, may be the same with what I was wearing years ago. But I know exactly what I want in my life. And I am truly happy with my choice in life.

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness (Source:

The 3-in-1 Owl ginger milk tea powder with sprinkles of zaw (Bhutanese rice puff) and dollops of kabshey made my morning or evening tea time feeling so wonderful. Sitting on a wooden chair with wooden table at the balcony of my house, surrounded by flowers, fruits, and plant grown by hubby who is passionate in gardening makes the place so comfortable and just beautiful! There may not mountains and beach view right in front of me. But with my mind, I can create or read the world in a greater height from that seat, even beyond heavens and earth. These few simple things create happiness in my life. And this is the kind of life that I am choosing while I can!!!

Make time for yourself by Heather Stillufsen 

The morning journal that I wrote this morning is simply blessing beyond measure, purchased from one of the shops at the Majnu-Ka-Tilla, the Tibetan colony in New Delhi - India, on my last day  there, before returning back to Singapore. Its cover page has been a great reminder for me - the true meaning of life - as defined by H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama. 

Updating morning journal :)

It is not a thirty bucks of Moleskine notebook, but I love the rough feeling of recyclable paper with many dried flowers sticking on it. It makes me feel so close to the natures surrounding me. The cheap Doraemon pen dances smoothly on it, makes me wanting to write non-stop. Most importantly, I love what comes out from my simple little brain - the words, expression from the heart and mind. I may not produce writing that is read by million readers. It does not even earn a single cent. But I am content enough to share my thought and my feeling, with hope it would benefit anyone.

Look ahead and believe. One step at a time (MacRitchie Trails)

Each weekend, whenever weather is great, I walk into the jungle path along the MacRitchie trails, the preserved nature that is still available in this metropolitan city. I love the cold fresh air. I love the trees that protect me from the sun shine above. I love everything surrounding me - the nature that it offers. Most importantly, it's free of charge. No annual membership payment required and no risk of losing what you have paid when the gym has suddenly become insolvent.

Delicious local hawker food :)

The meals that I have outside is mostly at neighborhood coffee shop. The $2.50 roti prata, nasi lemak, etc. make my belly happy and giggling. The $1.10 kopi tastes locally delicious. A week of coffee fare there would equivalent with a cup of coffee at the famous chain like Starbucks. Restaurant may only be once in a while occasion. So, isn't living simply a life too??? Make the best of whatever resources available would be the way I choose in life.

Go after the life you wish to lead by Heather Stillufsen 

I may not give and get the best facilities, best service, best choice of stuffs, materials, but I know exactly what I want and what I want to do in my life. I don't have to follow the majority of people's choices. And within my ability, I would occasionally give something for anyone. The gift may not be expensive and it may not be luxury, at all. But most importantly, it comes from my heart. So, after reading this, you know who I am and my choice in life. Would you still befriend me??? :)


Unknown said...

I am thoroughly convinced that life is determined by the choices that we make. You have put in your feelings of joy and satisfaction with what you do.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you for your comment la Nima! It's indeed true. I hope you'll live the life of your choice too and not forced by what others are doing. Wish you a wonderful life out there! :)

Flora said...

Only few among many can make it to their dream and how th their choice! You are one of them! I just enjoy the way go along with your choice! Nice one as usual! Charo!

Overcome Life said...

Kadinche-la Flora. Just do my best and be positive at all times. The rest will leave it to the nature. But I'm grateful for many realized dreams so far. Wish your a wonderful life out there too la! :)

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