Monday, September 12, 2016

Sydney Itinerary Day 2 - Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, and Harbour Bridge

Day 2 - Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, and Harbour Bridge

Takeaway breakfast at Sydney Opera House with Metta

We started our day by meeting Metta at Circular Quay train station and headed to Sydney Opera House. We bought coffee and Cappuccino from the Opera Kitchen then sat down on the staircases to the Opera House, munching the chicken, meatball and pork roll Bahn Mi from Hong Ha, breakfast treat from Metta. Thank you Metta!! :) We went inside the building having a look things sold at the souvenir shop. There was a guided tour of the building available with fee but we didn't take it. Basically, Sydney Opera House was a multi venue performing art centre in Sydney with over 1,500 performances be held annualy. The shape of its building was the landmark of Sydney. In 2007 it had become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Source:

Royal Botanic Garden - Sydney, Australia
We had a walk in the beautiful Royal Botanic Garden. It was located at the heart of Sydney city center. Oh man! If I were to stay in this city, I would love to go to this garden every week for a walk. The view was simply wonderful!!! With a change in season, the flowers bloomed were different too!!!

Royal Botanic Garden - Sydney, Australia

From here we could see the view of both Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. There were parts of the park that displayed tulips, cherry, and many other beautiful spring flowers!!! We all could not stop taking photos over there. It was a perfect place for everything from dating, running, exercising, suntanning, taking wedding photos, and so on. There were birds like seagull, Cockatoo, magpie, Myna, pigeon, white Ibis, Raven, and so on. Also ducks surrounding the little ponds. Hhmmm... loved the natures there so much!!!

Pancakes on the Rocks - Sydney, Australia

For me, there would be something missing if I did not have meal at the Pancake on the Rocks. I had it seventeen years ago and I would love to have it again on my visit this time.

Late lunch at Pancake on The Rocks - Sydney, Australia

The place brought memories from the past (although I could not really remember what hahaha...). It was simply nostalgic. Since time shown was 3 pm, we only ordered one savoury crepes (Seafood pancake) with chips (fries) and one sweet crepes (Blackforest pancake) for 3 of us. Both tasted really great!!! All of us were satisfied with our meals :)

Harbour Bridge and the surroundings :)

We had a walk under the bridge. If you were adventurous person and had lots of money in the pocket, you could actually try the Bridge Climb. The prices of the ticket would be different depending on the timing that you choose as different time would offer different view of the city. Check out the pricing here. Well if it's for one lifetime experience, then you should give it a go guys!!!

Central Business District (CBD) area - Sydney, Australia

We continued walking towards town area passing through the Central Business District (CBD) area, where all the big offices and shopping belts were located, the busiest part of the town for working people. It was after working hour timing, so you could see people wearing smart suits rushing back for home or continuing with their next appointment. However, on weekend, this place would be quieter.

Dinner at Naruone Korean Restaurant - CBD Sydney 

Just like us. We were meeting my sister's friends - Daniel and Novita. We were talking about the deep-fried chicken cooking in Korean style that was trendy back in Singapore (fitted perfectly with bottles of beer). Therefore, Novita introduced us to eat at Naruone. We ordered half original deep fried chicken and half chicken in spicy sauce, seafood spicy soup, and seafood pancake. Hhmm... the place was cosy and crowded. Many photo frames filled with Korean movie stars and singers were displayed on the brick wall. Overall, it was great dinner and my sister had great time chatting with both of them. That's all for our second day. The post continues on...

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