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"What to eat in Jakarta???" - Part 4

Happiness is eating :)

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13. Satay Khas Senayan - offered varieties of local Indonesian food. I told my childhood friend to enter to this restaurant as I'd love to eat more local food rather than foreign ones.

Delicious rice set at Sate Khas Senayan - Jakarta :)

From its name, this place was famous for its satay or meat skewers. Senayan itself was name of the place in Jakarta. Other than satay, they offered varieties of delicious rice set and many other local food. I ordered Nasi Kuning or yellow rice set at IDR 57,000 or SGD $6, while my friend had Nasi Bakar Ayam or grilled rice set with fried chicken at IDR 62,000 or SGD $6.50. We shared a plate of chicken satay at IDR 55,000 or SGD $5.80. I had Jus Alpokat or avocado juice at IDR 32,000 or SGD $3.40.

The price was reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food served. It's a good place for those who wanted to try local dishes at restaurant standard.

Address: Bay Walk Mall Lt. 3 Unit 6, Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu I Blok B1, Jakarta Utara

14. Bakmie Abadi - Chicken Noodle (rubber noodle). Hahaha... It's only my saying - rubber noodle - because the texture of the noodle was thick and little bit hard to bite. However, it tasted delicious although it only contained chicken meat, noodle and accompanied with vegetable soup.

Bakmi Ayam Abadi - Jakarta

The price was around IDR 32,000 or SGD $3.40 per bowl. A bit expensive but the portion was big enough to make you feeling full.

Address: Jl. Pluit Karang Timur Blok O8 No. 63, Jakarta Utara

15. Mie Tek Tek - road hawker fried noodles. It used to hang around our house complex. Tek tek tek tek..... That's how it sounded with kerosene light brighten the cart so that the seller could see and cook its food well.

Mie tek tek - Jakarta :)

Other than yellow noodle, they sold also vermicelli noodle, kway teow noodle, and fried rice. After done, crackers and pickles were given at the side to make it more delicious :) At only IDR 12,000 or SGD $1.30 it could fill your stomach!!! ^^

16. Delicious Bakmi Pangsit or wanton noodle at Bakmi Pinang Sari. It's chicken noodle but they're using pork oil in the noodle that made it fragrant and delicious!!!

Bakmi Pinang Sari - Jakarta 

As I mentioned before, noodle was the staple food that suited any time. Be it breakfast, lunch and even dinner. It's been my favourite food since each place offered different types of noodles, meats, and definitely different taste! :) Bakmi pangsit was sold at IDR 36,000 or SGD 3.90 it was a bit expensive but worth having!!!

Address: Jl. Pinangsia Timur No. 1, Jakarta Barat 11110

Those were what I had during my 9-day trip in Jakarta. I could have eaten more but it was great enough for me :)

Martabak keju and martabak telor :D

More things for you to try like martabak coklat keju (special pancake with chocolate and cheese), martabak telor (egg pancake with spring onion and pickles), assorted local kueh (cakes and desserts), and so on.

Just ensure to try as many local dishes as possible during your stay in Jakarta!!! Write 'til here. Hope you enjoyed reading it and know what to eat next on your stay in Jakarta!!! :)

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