Friday, February 17, 2017

Silly moments

Part of me says (Pic source:

I stopped my reading, put the bookmark in between the page I was currently reading and held my mobile. My thumb pressed into the Facebook apps.

"Silly and playful little girl," written with the photo of a young girl sat down beside her cute dog. "It's fine to be silly and playful at this age," mumbled me, and consequently my mind thought about my own self, "At least not at my age." I sighed and my mind started to wonder.

I only drank a little (Pic source:

The empty beer bottles lie next to me. One, two, three, four, five!!! Oohhh.... five was down. One more to go. I dumped the phone right beside me and tried my best to sit straight, then slowly my two feet tried to find the pair of white hotel's sandals lying next to my bed. My head was spinning. Oh, finally my feet managed to enter to that pair of slipper. However, my brain wasn't quite sure if I had worn them correctly (left or right), couldn't care much anymore.

I got up slowly, opened the room's wooden door. Step by step my feet walked towards the fridge. It's located about 3-meter up front and 3-meter to the left. Even with both eyes closed, I could navigate how to reach that bloody fridge.

Drunk quote (Pic source:

"Ahhhh, here you were!!!" claimed me. I opened the fridge's door and my hand caught the neck of that blue color bottle. "One six six four blanc, hahaha...," I was laughing. "I haven't got drunk yet. I still could recognise the brand of this bottle," mumbled me again.

I picked the bottle cap opener that stuck by magnet at the side of the fridge and "plakkk....." the should of the bottle cap being opened sounded clearly on my ears. I let the cap flung somewhere and anyhow put the opener on top of the kitchen table. With eyes closed, I again walked blindly towards the direction of my room.

Numb (Pic source:

Gluk gluk gluk gluk.... aaahhhhh...... eeerrggghhh..... The sound of beer being drunk with big burping let the big gas out naturally from my mouth. "Hahaha..... who cares?? Who cares about me anymore???" my little mind was laughing inside, trying to do justice towards my own behavior.

It's been like this for the past one week, since the person whom I loved decided to let me go. "It's fine... it's alright... let him go... let him be happy.... this time, happily ever after.... hahahaha...."

Blacking out (Pic source:

Gluk gluk gluk gluk gluk.... this time I drank it longer. The beer spilled from my lips. I brushed it dried using my shirt's right sleeve. Eeerrrgghhhhhhhh....... This time the burp sound got bigger. Hahahaha..... I could feel my self laughing louder... But despite that laughter, I could feel something hurt inside me... That little fragile heart was hurt inside... and those laughter laughed at my own self for being silly, to get drunk continuously in order to forget him... yeah, to forget him... it worked... even for just few hours... even only for a night.... at least I could forget about him..... And slowly I could feel the tears rushing down unto my both cheeks and I could imagine it had turned red and warm, before darkness and heaviness overcame my head. Another day passed by and I overcame it, overcame it....

P.S. I know many writers who could only write when they were drunk. The feeling was only my imagination and based on personal experience. Just had a mood to write about this. Doesn't mean I'm in a bad mood right now :)


Tashi Chenzom said...

During my childhood days (even to the initial college years) I had considered drinking a very bad habit, hated it all the time.
But then my view changed as I realized that my thoughts were really narrow and completely clouded.
Lovely post!!

Rima Reyka said...

Believe me Tashi, drinking is still a very bad habit. You can just open your eyes and see your surrounding clearly. It is no longer child games anymore. As people grow up, they think they have the right to do whatever they want, plus the money or income that enters into their pocket, make it easy to get and have it without thinking the consequences. People will only regret when they lose their health. Anyway, thank you for enjoying my post :) Although I myself enjoy drinking, I don't encourage people to drink much ^^

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