Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Live today as if you will die tomorrow

Live as if you will die tomorrow quote (Pic source: Google.com)

While we were discussing our trivial matters,
someone else was fighting for their life.
While people busied satisfying their ego,
someone else breathed for their last time.

Life is such a delicate thing.
It's separated by thin wall,
segregating life and death.
Fragile, really fragile.

When we're gone,
what you think was important, won't matter anymore.
Money, success, health, fame, loved ones.

And while we're still alive,
live a life that matters.

Do what you love, love what you do.
Help others who are in need.
Live every moment to your fullest.
If you can't help, at least don't hurt them.

At the end,
what we left behind is just memory,
moments that you have created all through your life,
with people that you have met all along,
for different reasons.

Let your kindness and compassionate heart be the imprint of your existence in people's heart.
Yes, time will let all that disappear, because nothing is last. 
Nothing is permanent. 
Everything will return to be empty.
But one day after you're gone, at least you can still create a simple upward curve into someone's lips upon their remembrance of you. 
Isn't it beautiful?

Quotes (Pic source: Google.com)

P.S. As I travel a lot in my life (especially when I fly alone and for a longer period of time), I always have the uneasy feeling before flying. Will I survive this flight? Will I be return back home safely and in one piece? Will I be healthy all throughout the journey? And so on. There are so much uncertainty lying around in my head. It needs a lot of courage and bravery to face this uncertainty alone, over and over again. And it takes courage to come out from the comfortable shell, to face the vast outer world with its people who live differently and have different culture. There is a need to adapt for the constant change and environment.

"If this will be the last day that I live, what will you and I think?" - I always ask people and myself this question as I can not hide my curiosity. Are you happy enough to be with me? Why you love me? And I will say sorry for every mistakes that I've made in my life (so that I won't die in regret) and thank everyone for taking part in my life's journey (with all happy and sad memories). Not forgetting to tell them how much I love them and how grateful I am for their existence in this present life.

We all know that it is not easy to meet up and have fate in the present life. There are so many billions people across the world (this world only), not yet counting those who live in other Universe. Therefore, it requires a great karmic relation from the past lives in order for us to meet up again in this present life. So while it happens, I'll do my best to treasure them, whether they have mutual feelings or not. But so far, thank Buddha, many have expressed the same gratitude as I have.

These could be my last cooking for my loved ones. We'll never know!

So, let me end my writings here. And as close message, live today as if you will die tomorrow. Be grateful for everything that happen to you always! :)


Tashi Chenzom said...

We all know that life is uncertain yet we all always forget in the busy schedules. Very few people remember this uncertainty and I thank you for reminding us of this one.
Let's hope for the best always and I wish you a very safe travel to and back home. All the best and enjoy and have fun as you always do😍😍😜

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi for your lovely wishes!!! All the best for your new start as well! Have a good day! Love, Rima :)

Sonam Choden said...

All we can do is be true to ourselves and to others. Don't regret the past and don't worry about the future, just live the present!
Enjoy your stay and return back safe 😊😉😊

Letro Letro said...

Today the moon is eclipsed, such a grief. Life is like a moon, soon the death will eclipse it sooner or later. But unlike the moon, which can return back to its original glory, life cannot be reverted once death lays its icy hand. We need to constantly remind ourselves of this uncertainty and impermanence to make the living worthwhiile.

Rima Reyka said...

True la. Thank you for your lovely comment and wishes dear!!! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Indeed :) Hope you could enjoy the moon over there!! Take care Letro!! ^^

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