Thursday, October 25, 2018

Growing up son

It was almost 2 weeks ago since I attended dear Baobei graduation. The O-level exams were still going on after that, but they held the ceremony earlier. And the best thing was, everyone graduated no matter how good or bad their results would be.

Graduation message year 2018

I came with my mother-in-law since hubby could not make it due to work. We sat near where my dear boy was going to sit. There were many classes for the Sec 4 level and only 1 class for the Sec 5, but apparently not many parents attended the graduation ceremony. Perhaps the timing was not fitting their busy schedule as it was held at 2.30pm.

So then it started with the speech by the school principal, then continued with video clip presentations made by fellow teachers and students of each class. After each class video presentation, the student was going up the stage one by one and given their certificate and congratulations wishes from their form teachers.

Beginning of his Secondary school life

All through the event, I felt very emotional. Being seated in that hall, reminded me of the day the parents meeting being held when my son started his first secondary year in his school. At that time, he was still short, cute, and chubby! ^_^ And now, he had grown taller than me, growing moustache, hairy legs, and still a bit chubby, although lesser chubby than last time, perhaps I would call it handsome :D

I felt I cried few times during the event hahaha... secretly of course, just felt grateful of how he became now. He's much quieter person now, maybe cool was the better description, more mature (he could think of how to earn money by buying and selling things online, and soon would do part time job during holiday time), good at managing his money (knew what to and what not to spend, how to get better deal for the same stuff, etc.), not invest in relationship early (well, I might be wrong on this but I asked him many times if he had any girl friend but he never confessed haha...), and once he liked doing something, he would put his heart and mind into it.

My growing up son :)

I never expected him to be wonderfully perform academically as I knew how stressful educational system in Singapore and I didn't want to give him too much pressure on it. I think he knew what he could perform and what he could not and I respected his choice. Most important he knew all his strengths and weaknesses. Although he tended to give up on what he disliked, he could put so much efforts on what he liked. So that also one of his good characters. With that, I believed he could still survive in this realistic and materialistic world.

And it's good that he had kind personalities (not once I heard him fighting with others, jealous or harm other people). He too could help up with housework, e.g. if I cooked, after having it he would wash the dish; hung clothes when I was not around at home, etc. He also could help me doing some other things that I could not because I was not around. He was someone I could rely on. Oh btw, he was having good interest in cooking too although I seldom had chance tasting his cooked food :P

My cool son ;)

So dear Baobei, thank you for being such a great son for us. We never expected you to be perfect. We just wanted you to learn and live your life happily and independently. We might not be able to walk through this life journey together for a long time, but since we were still having it, let's live our lives happily and full of love. I wish you all the best for your next education level and live well.

Your loving mom,
Love you always XOXO

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