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Library@harbourfront at VivoCity - Singapore

Library@harbourfront outlook from the outside at VivoCity, Singapore

With the closure of Bukit Merah library in December 2018, it had been relocated into VivoCity level 3 (nearest MRT - Harbour Front MRT). With a size of 3,000 square meter, library@harbourfront is deemed to be Singapore’s largest shopping mall library. Wasn't it a good news???

Library@harbourfront at VivoCity Singapore

Despite it was being officially opened in January 12, 2019, I only managed visiting it today (perhaps due to many renovation works and changes that were going on inside the mall earlier this year plus its location at the third floor, which was quite a bit far left from the Food Republic/ Sentosa monorail door). If you knew or heard about the Beauty in the Pot Restaurant, the library was just located next to it.

I was aware about the library only yesterday when trying to find available books from the NLB mobile apps. Many books that I wanted to borrow were available there (perhaps since it was new and not many people was aware about its existence - just like me, or perhaps the location was a bit too far to purposely going. I mean, I usually went to VivoCity to shop, dine, watch movie, meet friends, date, or to go to Sentosa Island, and would not purposely go there just to visit library, unless like this case where I could find many available books there).

Transparent Book drop section - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

As you entered the main door, you would see the above photo. This library was divided into two area distinctively - Children and Adults with Teens. This library was also designed with transparent glass of book drop area. From the outside you could see the process how the books were being sorted out after you dropped the returned books into the machines.

Tinker Truck at Children section - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

Just like other libraries in Singapore, children were pampered with many books, comfortable places to read, and this one, with Tinker Truck. At the back of the truck-head they put tables and chairs with crafts, puzzles and other materials so that the children could sit and train their problem-solving skills.

Seating places among the bookshelves at Children section - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

Comfortable reading area for children - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

When you entered the Adults with Teens section on the right, you could find the locker where the reserved books were kept with the self-service machine to collect on your own and do the payment (Reserve fee of S$1.55 per book was applicable if you wanted to reserve).

Locker to put the reserved book (self-service machine to open the locker and do payment) - Library@harbourfront

Magazine racks on the left and book shelves - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

Singapore as a smart nation designed this library smartly. They were no longer providing the actual newspaper, instead they provided e-newspaper reading station.

Multimedia section - Library@harbourfront at Vivocity, Singapore

Area to enhance the digital focus - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

They also created two different spaces for people to read (or study or work) facing the beautiful view of Sentosa Island.

Space to read (or study, or work) facing beautiful Sentosa Island - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

Read peacefully and enjoy beautiful view of Sentosa Island - Library@harbourfront at VivoCity, Singapore

Impressive right? So, the next time you go to VivoCity Mall in Singapore, do not forget to drop by to this library. You could spend your off day reading some book peacefully there and save your money from buying new books :P

Below is the information you may want to know. So if you haven't been there, go and check it out!! :)

1 HarbourFront Walk
Level 3, #03-05 (Lobby F)
Singapore 098585

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Closed at 5:00pm on eves of
Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year
Closed on Public Holidays
24-hour Bookdrop

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