Saturday, February 05, 2005


Just now, i tried to change d skin of this blog.. i found a nice one, but unfortunately, with the new skin, i couldn't find a way in how to get my archive back, and how to make a difference who is posting this blog, me?? or Ching?? So, i decided to get back to normal...
It's sometimes nice too to have a simple blog, otherwise if I wanna make my own website, then i may choose the one with other skin.. but at least, i could find a nice song for this one... *so happy ^^
Hei Ching, long time no see you online.. where have you been??? I met Andrew and his wife today and he mentioned that Shelly is cumin here again.. How about you?? hehehe.. maybe you transit here for a nite or two before flying to ur new country???
When will you depart?? Don't tell me now u re there??? ;P
I miss our old times... Hey, i have stock of Malibu, Vodka, Smirnoff etc here in my cupboard... Wait for you to open.. hahahhaa....
Oklah... guys, enjoy this simplicity.. and remember, always be urself!!!

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