Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's roses
Today is Valentine's Day!!! 

But everyday is valentine's day for me n my hubby :) But funny.. Just now I received a bucket of roses, which I thought my hubby sent it secretly. But he told me that it wasn't him who sent it Huaaa??? Then who? There is no name inside the card. And now I'm just wondering who was the person who sent it to me?

I think my husband was a little bit furious knowing that there was someone who sent me this bucket of flowers. But at least, this could let him know that although I've been married, there was still someone out there who was interesting in me :P huahahaha.. Just kidding honey.. 

In case you read it, I really don't know who sent it. So please, don't mad at me, ok? He asked me, which friends knowing my address and phone no??? Hm... lots of my friends know it. Hey Ching, you know my address right? My phone number too right? Who knows it was a girl who sent it to me??? But still don't know who.

Anyway, I still have to thank the sender. But at the same time, I scared my husband keep pestering me leh.., asking me who was the secret admirer :D

The flowers are very nice and beautiful. Hm.. when was the last time I got roses?? Let me think...

Back in my school last time, where every Valentine's day there would be classmates or whoever bought those roses and the roses will be distributed inside the class. During 3.5 years in school, I think I received the most flowers when I was at the last year there. 

On first year if I didn't remember wrongly, I received one, which was given by my best friend because he pitied me that nobody bought me one huahahahahaha... 

On second year,  I think I received nothing. I couldn't really remember. 

Then on my last year there, my best friend F helped my ex to buy roses for me, which was quite a surprise because he had left a hand made card in my pigeon hole. Anyway, it was a history.

And now I want to enjoy the flowers.... huehehehehehehehe.. Thanks to whoever the sender and Happy Valentine's Day all!!!

P.S: Eventually, I knew who the sender was. Thank you for the flowers! I appreciate it very much!!!

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