Saturday, February 19, 2005



This Tuesday my friend from Taiwan came here on business trip. She was staying with her boss in one of the most beautiful hotels in the country. We managed to meet up together with other school friends on Wednesday and we had dinner and drink together in one of the pubs in Esplanade. It was nice. We had finger foods, drank cold beer, and chit chatted at the same time. The night was wrapped out by having lo hei at my home... huehehe.. Thanks for joining guys!!!

Supposed to meet them again on Thursday, but I couldn't. So sorry... Yesterday she went back already. Wah, yesterday so many people were flying out. Ching went to Aussie. My friend, S, went back to London.. *really envy them as I wanna go there too but it was too expensive hahaha.. My cousin, Pao, went back to Aussie too for study. Hm....

Just having my late brunch and now waiting for my hubby. We will have sushi for dinner later. Hope my wish come true hahahaha... :P

Have a great weekend all of you!!!

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