Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Finally.. the result came out yesterday. My hard work has been paid. I passed the two exams I took 2 months ago. Well.. I heard it was easier in the beginning, but after these 2 first papers, it will be a nightmare, that's why I don't feel really excited about the rest of the papers. Additionally, I am now working and don't have much time for studying. So, we'll see ba!

Anyway, you can ignore my previous blog.. I kinda confused to myself whether to think about today?? or tomorrow too??

But i guess I will keep looking out for the future. The future is still faraway out there and if everybody only think about today, what will be the world today??? Am I right??

My mum will come this week to attend my sis in law's wedding. I asked my father to come too, but he couldn't and that's why my mum is coming to represent both of them.

Time flies man. My sis-in-law had only one and half month preparation for their wedding, because her husband's grandma just passed away almost 2 months ago and they had to hold the wedding either within 100 days or 3 years after the mourning. So, here they are and the wedding will be held this coming Sunday! See?? How time flies...

I write till here. Lots of confusion in my mind. But I guess I know what I'm doing. Ciao!

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