Sunday, February 20, 2005

Life is fragile

911, Tsunami, Bali bombing, and many other occasions... Our lives are getting fragile from year to year. I've just been thinking on how should I continue my life..

What you have today, may be gone tomorrow..

That's why some of us may think to just live for today and what the hell of tomorrow. Who cares?? If I'm gone, so let me go. But they never think of the other people who love and care them very much. 

They continue smoking, drinking, etc., thinking that anyway once I'm gone, I would leave all my troubles too. You see, so many people take care of their health. They were dieting and doing lots of sports but at the end they still died because of accident, bombing, or even got sick then die.

If you are one of them who think like that the you'd better do some reflection! Otherwise I'll be the one who think the same way too.

Why should I maintain this marriage? What's the meaning of being married? Find someone u love? Having children? Then what? Anyway, if your partner doesn't care about what you feel, why should you care so much about them??? Why should you love your partner too much where at the end you cried like hell when he's gone, while he didn't even care on what you feel?? 

So, how if I say, what's the meaning of marriage anymore if you think like that?? Then, why don't I find someone else who could understand me, love me, care about me and I don't need to bother about how you feel too?? Anyway, when you re gone, at least there is someone who accompany me still hehehe... What a selfish thinking!!! :P

Well, whose faults? If you didn't think like that at the first place, should I think more about what I felt???

Life is really fragile.. but at the end.. seems like "What is tomorrow like??", "How long more should we live?" We'll never know. "How we die??", "Where will we die?" It 's all a secret from above. When we're gone.. then we're gone..

The morale of the story is..

Why should you study hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. You may just die a day before your graduation day and at the end all your effort would go to the drain hahaha.. :P

Why should you work so hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. You may just get stroke and can't move any single part of your body. You might have a lot of money but you can't even enjoy it.

Why should you maintain your marriage, be loyal to your spouse, where at the end your spouse just left you like that and leave you alone. Oops.. with your children too??

Why should you diet and exercise so hard, if tomorrow is uncertain. The plane that you take may just be exploded by terrorists tomorrow. Your resistant towards chocolates, cakes, steak, were useless hahaha....

Then??? Why should we do???

Live for today! For the one you love. Tell them that you love them very much and be lucky of having known them in this world. If I can't love you tomorrow, I will love you today no matter what happens.

Be grateful with what you have. There are many people out there who live with so much suffering. Don't have food to eat, cloth to wear, shelter to live.

Do things to help others and live your life to the fullest each and everyday!!!

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