Friday, July 08, 2005


Have u ever thought of running away from problem, dilemma, reality until you don't have anywhere to go? You feel like just gone from this world and so do your worries, troubles, and sadness? I bet everyone does.
Sometimes we think of suicide in many ways... But suicide is not advisable at all!

I've heard that after you died from suicide, you will straightly go to the hell... You were being punished as you did not treasure your life, and during ur life there in hell, you will suicide over and over again and have no control in stopping it..

Have you watched Constantine?? Maybe that's what I refer to.

Yesterday my colleague told me that there was a 16 year old boy died jumping from the high floor (suicide, of course) just because his 17 year old girl rejected his love.

Can you imagine??? 16 year old boy had thought of suiciding!!

Did he ever think what his parents feel? Raising him for 16 years and end up with this pain reality??

Well, i thought of dying too. In fact, I thought about it yesterday night. I was thinking what way will be good to die fast, but slowly and not pain. I thought of becoming alcoholic to ruin myself but then, I thought of kidney disease that need to wash the blood every time and can only drink limited amount of water everyday. Watching that on TV made me thinking of another way, which is smoking.

Well, smoking can cause lung cancer and it will make me die faster, but I don't like the smell after smoke in the mouth.. heuhehehe.. *so hard leh..

What else ah??

Cutting the nerve?? Nope.. It's suicide and it's pain too!! Once the blood come out, your brain would start losing lots of blood, then you would start feeling very pain!! Oh Gosh!!!

I think, I'd better stay alive. No matter how hard and pain life is, it won't be as painful as you get a disease resulting from excessive alcohol and cigarette. It won't be as painful as you lose your blood, and it won't be as painful as your brain smashed to the floor.

I think, it's still better to live and let live! yah.. C'est la vie! It's up and down.. There were moments when we were down. But only if we feel down then we can feel up again!!

Instead of thinking how to make my self down-er and become the down-est.. why don't I think about make this life the full-est as I can? Easy to say but not easy to do. But again, remember all the results above by hurting your physical with the hope of dying, is it worth??

There was a boy with no legs try to run his own wheelchair and move himself from wheelchair to normal chair. A man, seeing him in that condition, faster went toward him and wanted to help him. You guess what a boy said? "Thank you, Sir! I can do it myself. Although i have no legs to walk, but I still have two hands to support my self through my life."

Most of the time in our lives, we look more on what we don't have and not what we have!

The spirit of life lies in our hands. Easy to say. Live life to the fullest. Try to do it from now on! We, who have a complete parts of our body should not lose from the small boy! What are our problems compare to the others? There are more people who suffered much more than us!

Well, I feel a bit like a priest here, but nope., I'm not a priest. I'm just a human who is feeling down and try to make myself up, and hopefully can make others to think differently and can wake them up from their suffering and injuries too!!!

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