Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hi there

Waa..first time i post in reyka's blog =D
hmm..actually she's invited me and add me to her blog since last week, but like usual, im just too lazy to write down what im feeling and im thinking =D maybe its just the habit? reyka used to write down in her diary whatever she felt or thinking or happened...too bad she doesnt do that anymore, otherwise it'll be very exciting to read her diary again like used to, right? =D
anyway, today something just came up on my mind...and might as well write it down here once in a while, who knows some1 really care enough to answer or give opinion? =D
the topic is the oldest topic in the world..love..*yeah yeah yeah..why always love..so typical, but hey..every1 in the world for sure love someone...even priest love Jesus...so lets ponder another time, what love has make for us..
when we're in love, we always think with our heart, not our brain..and ppl will tell us that we're stupid..that why should we bother..that we are more valuable, and no need to throw our life away only because 1 person...that no matter how much we love the person, but theres no such thing that more valuable than ourselves..and its true..its all true..but...
is it really that wrong if we think with our heart? cant we just dream about something, even though its very hard to get, but still, since we have it in our heart, thats the one thing that keep us happy and look forward for tomorrow...living without dream...is it living?
another might say..if we keep telling ourselves like that..that means we're living in a dream world..not in reality...living in a dream world..is it worthed?
so let me ask this...
maybe theyre right..maybe that we really are valuable and we can have someone that really appreciate us and can do more for us..but thats a whole other maybe...another different story, in the tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, or next week, next months..next years...
the question now...
are you really going to throw away something beautiful that you have in your life right now, and you know that its very difficult to get and to keep? Or you throw that because someone maybe, or will be, there for us that is better than the one that you have right now?
can any1 give opinion about this?
coz every logical thing that comes in my mind, saying that i should abandon that person..
but every corner of my heart saying that my life wont complete if i leave..
every logical thing that comes in my mind saying that my heart will heal with time
but every corner of my heart saying that doesnt matter how much pain i endure, its all still worthed...

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Anonymous said...

Hi whyme..
'now wad? People always have a dream. I didn't have one cos im afraid of getting high, cos i know i'll never reach there. Sound pessimistic, huh?
In one of my classes, my speaker told me about Walt Disney founder. Because of his dream, he could be in what he was (now he passed away already).
Then, someone in my life is inspiring me with a dream too, till
i have a dream now.. These dream has lots of obstacles in it, honestly.. But i'm sure.. with encouragement and high spirit from my friend and myself.. i could reach our dream one day.. although it seems so hard, but i will try hard in reaching it. Obstacles come all along, even amongst ourselves.. but i still believe.. live with dreams are much better than no dream at all..

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