Monday, September 26, 2005

Another year growing up

Wow.. how time flies.. Still remember the good times during high school and it's been 5 years since I graduated. Have been married for more than 3 years and now my son is going to 3 years old in December.

What my life will be in 5 years ahead?? No idea.. Really no idea..

Do I satisfy with my current life? Do I want to reach for the better? How? What am I going to do? Any plan ahead?

I only know how fragile life is nowadays.. Anyone can just die anytime anywhere because of anything. When my life will be taken then? Hahaha.. sound pessimistic.. :P

Well, talk about the Birthday then. I was sick.. sore throat and flu.. blocked nose.. (I did not go to work for two days.. incl on my Birthday). I stayed at home and took a lot of rest.

On Friday night we were having steamboat at home together with my bro and his families, my sis and bro-in-law, my sis-in-law's cousin, and families of my husband. It was fun. Eating all you can and all gave up because the food was just too much! Enough for 3 days consumption :P

My mom asked my sis to buy birthday cake for me. It was mango cake bought from Crystal Jade, my favorite. My sis-in-law's husband who works at soft drink company, sponsored drinks for the dinner. Thanks all to make my birthday memorable and fun :)

My friends from everywhere sent me sms-es and called me on that day. The first greeting came from my special friend at 12am from faraway (US). . Shelly (SG) woke me up at 8am while i was still on my dream.. My mom(JKT) sent me message early in the morning.. Putra sent sms for me on my hubby's hp twice, telling me that he was in Hong Kong now and was having a flu. Sorry to hear that. Siska (JKT) sent me sms too, which I never expected that she would since she would be very busy preparing her wedding party this upcoming December. I wish I could attend :( Pao2 (MELB) sent me sms during dinner, so did Bambang (BALI) who was having headache because of the low room occupation in the hotel where he works. Tsk tsk... Marni (JKT) sent me sms on the day after because she was not sure whether my birthday falling on 23rd or 24th, but I was very glad that she's still remember. Apin (SG) sent me sms too despite that we met on the dinner. Oh yeah.. my sis-in-law(SG) sent me sms too at nite - kiasu.. hahahhaa... My eldest sis called me during her lunch hour and my second sis called me on 24 because she was too busy on 23rd. Thanks a lot my dear sis!!! Not to forget my dear ex and current colleagues who still remember my birthday: PY, Siaw Whay, and Florence. Thanks for everything everyone!!!

My birthday is meaningful because of your care and love for me...:) To everyone who joined us for the dinner, thanks for coming too!! Hope I could lead a better life and have some dream fulfilled this year :)
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