Sunday, October 23, 2005

My own destiny

I really no idea what do I want actually..
Now, having people u love, but I wanna be alone..
Lead my own life.. the way I want to..
Gather with friends.. real one.. if there are any
Having my own place to stay..
Have my own freedom.. my whole own time..
Although sometimes I have to cope with boredom
Hm.. perhaps TV, or DVDs, or books, or keyboard.. or internet might help??
At least with Internet, I still can in touch with other side of the world
Can arrange my own holiday to the place I wanna be.. myself..
Cos.. even though I am not alone now..
My heart is always empty.. and lonely..
The people just doesn't care about me.. about what I feel..
They also wanna their own time.. do whatever they like..
Why won't I???
I own myself and nobody else could own me.. except my parents
but I have a control over myself.. and nobody else
If it should end.. let me end it.. everything behinds me
And lead a new path of mine...
How do I wish...
Could choose where to live.. where to go..
Control my own destiny.. and not others to control...

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