Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is coming soon

This photo was taken on Wednesday, 21 Dec 05. It was our Department's X'mas Party. They were all my colleagues. We had lots of pizzas, chicken wings, curry puff, siumai, etc. on that day..

Each of us got a present too.. bought and prepared by PY and me. I got a keyboard wrist-rest (dog shape) and a small X'mas tree that has lights and music inside. Not bad, ah??

The most important thing was that everyone enjoyed the party :)

Today is Friday. Once reached the office, my boss asked me to wrap the presents for other departments. For almost half day I was busy wrapping the chocolates boxes and made a last-minute Christmas cards with small X'mas tree on it. After that I delivered the presents personally to the department head.

And you know what? I got one present too from her.. a photo frame. I haven't opened yet.. perhaps later, at home.

I exchanged gift with my colleague this morning. She gave me a tumbler, now on my table =) There was also a table clock given by my Boss. She has enough, so she gave it to me. It was very nice, a star shape.. But too bad, the batteries were not working so I had to change it first before I could use it hehehe...

We also celebrated Christmas at our cafeteria. Tables were covered beautifully with red and pink clothes. The food was special too... They served turkey with a very nice mushroom sauce, potato salad, pasta salad with sausage - hm... nyummy..., fried noodle, vegetable, pastries, sea coconut with lime, etc.

After having my lunch, I rushed to Bras Basah to buy a present to my Boss. I was thinking whether to give it today or later on her B'day on 29th. Well.. perhaps recently I had been a bit kiasu, then I gave it to her after my return. She then told me that somebody else has also given her the Sudoku, but I was not quite sure whether it is the same model or different one. Well.. I never expected that somebody else might give her and not necessarily that she bought herself. Anyway.. the heart that counted, rite? Just hope she liked it, that's all... :)

I plan to visit my grandma after work together with my sis and bro. She is now staying at Orchard Road. I can imagine how crowded the road will be later... *sigh...

Well.. still no plan for tomorrow and the day after too. Perhaps stay at home and watch DVD, or karaoke, or play keyboard, or visit my bro, or etc... etc.. etc..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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