Tuesday, May 30, 2006

After 8 years

Very happy today.. actually.. since yesterday.. 'cos u know wad?? I found my old friend from friendster.. hahahahaha...
He was my senior when I was studying in Swiss and we only knew a little bit about each other.
When finding out his name in fs, I was thinking, is there quite number of people with the same unique name?? 'Cos he put his son's pics all over the fs. But eventually, I could find out that it was him 'cos he is connected to other schoolmates too.
So I wrote a message to him and asking how is he doing. I told him too that about 4 years ago, I ever saw him in Takashimaya when I was working, but he walked quite fast and I was pregnant 9 months so I didn't get a chance to run and call him.. And this morning, I got a reply for him saying that.. yeah.. it could be him.. 'Cos he was staying in Singapore 'till last year. He also mentioned that he was staying in Sengkang, not very far from my house and ever saw me taking the same bus but he didn't call me 'cos he's afraid he was calling the wrong person.. hahahahhaa... What a small world!!! Even though Singapore was soooo small.. eventually, we met up before, but only after 8 years, we then met in friendster and got connected again!!
I love friendster... =D

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