Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Desperate housewives

I watched the summary of the film last Sunday. It was interesting as the show shows the reality of life. What I remember most is when they say, "Every door lies a secret..."
I believe that every family.. every couple.. each person.. has their own secret.
Today, I found a true thing from my friend, at the time I was thinking I was in despair and can't think of anything but out from all and lead my life alone.. or no life at all.
We end up continuing our conversation on and on and even continue to part II later on. Human relationship doesn't come easily nowadays. The one who has the true feeling, keeps believing what he's seeing is true.. but the one who hide it, have no choice but to hide it still.
There was a guilty feeling, there is a sin feeling too.. but there is really a real feeling inside which conquer all.
I never know the ending of it 'cos I haven't seen it myself yet, that's why I also dunno what to tell to her on what should she do. My exam is only one week ahead, and these all come in this time. I have no more mood to continue my study.. I will take a break next semester..
Life, why life has to be like this???

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