Monday, May 15, 2006

Long weekend has ended

WAH!!! Last weekend was really a torture!!!
Thursday nite, Fri morning to evening, Sat morning to afternoon, then Sunday morning to evening.. the class was continue on.. walauuu.... sooo... tiring!!! But at least I can have a better motivation to face the coming exam, which is 3 weeks ahead!! Jia you!!!
Yesterday was Mother's Day.. My son has given me a flower and greated "Mu Qin Jie Kuai Le" excitingly!! How cuteee.... =))) Love him very much... hehehe...
And after this.. no more long weekend.. till comin' July.. for the long holiday.. to Los Angeles!!! Yeahhhh!!!! Hehehehe... Hm... one and half month to go!! How time flies!! =)
Jia you!!! Must do my best for the exam and dun bother so much about the result... as long I have tried my best!! Jia you!!!

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