Thursday, May 18, 2006

Potray of life

All along I've been seeing through other people' lives. Some is in more details, some is only at outside appearance, and some is deeper inside.
Those who has broken-hearted, those who has had long-distance relationship, those who has a backstreet relationship, I have also experienced it myself, but of course, NOT all they have experienced it before, I have encountered.
I was in their position before. When I was broken-hearted, I need someone and some time to help me to heal my pain. I forced myself to accept the reality that someone'e else had replaced my position. It was painful, but eventually, I could recover myself back again, standing up again and who knows I could meet someone else who has changed my life line.
Those who has gone through the wrong way to face the reality, lucky for you that you're not doing that anymore and seeing you standing up again and trying to forget over your past, it's a very wise decision to do so.. Look ahead.. the road is still long way for you to go.. and with a help of God, you now can think positively about a life. I hope you can start all over again and who knows.. find someone else like I did.
As we went older, our problems in life has changed too. It was not all about being rejected anymore.. but it's a completely different problem that we saw it wrongfully done when we were young. We slowly went into a stage whereby marriage problem or divorcee, all happen for a reason. Problem with parent-in-law has become common too..
Well.. it's a process in a life that we must go through and we need to settle it ourselves 'cos only we knew where the problem lies and how to settle.
But it's wisely if we can speak it up with someone else who understand our position.. and IF you, as a reader, have this kind of problem and need someone to talk.. you may try to speak out with me and I'll gladly listen to share your burdens.

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