Monday, May 29, 2006


Last week was fun =)
Well, first of all, Great Singapore SALE was started last Friday, 26 May 2006, so many shopping centre has their closing hours extended and last Saturday I met Ching at Orchard and there were lots of people there.. even she said.. it was her first time to see Singapore was so crowded despite she has been here for many times already.
We had lunch the day before near my office. Actually I wanna bring her to taste Singapore chicken rice at Maxwell Food Centre, but she came 20 minutes after 12pm, so I thought we wouldn't have much time if we insisted to go there (it will take 20 minutes time for the journey go and back), that's why we decided to have Japanese lunch at Liang court. We didn't have much time so we just had a short chit chat and more into a common updates on what we're doing.
Last Wed, I accompanied my junior high school's friends who came here for their very first time. She has just married on 14 May with a guy, who is also our classmates in the school last time. We had our quick dinner at People's Park Food Centre (it wasn't very nice food, I realised), then we had a walk to the other side of Chinatown. They looked very tired after browsing around Singapore for a whole day.
Last Saturday before meeting Ching, PY & I had spent our time studying at Starbucks at Liang Court. It was a little bit crowded (I didn't expect it would be that crowded actually..), but we were doing good. Had a little bit chit chat so that we won't fall asleep or bored.. hehehe..
Oh yeah.. yesterday I tried to drink the Brand's Chicken Essence for my very first time. I heard it is effective for those who study or work late. So, I tried one, a warmed one. I pressed my nose hardly and closed my eyes while drinking it.. hahahaha.. 'cos I don't want to know or bother how it tastes like.. Well, it was OK, at least I still feel ok this morning although I slept quite late last nite.
Last Saturday, we had our dinner at Wisma Atria's Food Republic *is it the right name? If you haven't been there before, then you should! 'Cos the concept of the food court is very different with a normal food court. I like the concept very much, but it's a little bit crowded so that we must wait before we could get our seats. So many varieties of foods, Chinese, Malays, Korean, Japanese, Singapore local dishes, etc. Very very nice!! I will go there again next time during weekdays.. and slowly enjoyed my lunch or dinner..
Ching has gone back to Taiwan yesterday and my classmates have also gone back to Jakarta today. It's very nice to meet the old friends again. I really enjoy it. Too bad my exam is coming, otherwise I would have spent more time with you guys!!
Anyway, next time if you visited Singapore again, don't hesitate to contact me! I would be great meeting you all again!! Keep in touch and take care!! Ciao~~

Add: Next week I'm gonna go to Food Republic again for farewell dinner of my two colleagues. *sigh.. Both of them are leaving soon, for their personal reasons.. Well.. that's life..
Choose the day after my exam has ended. hehehehe.... Well.. write till here then..

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