Monday, August 21, 2006

Another weekend has passed

On Saturday, chat and talk with a friend through Internet. In the evening, I went to my friend's house for having instant noodle, and drink Absolut Peach plus orange juice, and of course, a pack of chips while having a chit chat mostly about problems I encounter. Girls talk mah... At the end, no solution. Still it depends on me to decide as she was only providing her ears for me to listen and sympathise with the problem I face. We didn't talk much as her aunt went back home around 9pm. We watched TV series until finished, and I went back home.
Reached home, took a bath, and have a nice sleep soonafter.
On Sunday, chat for a while. Finished reading my second novel already =)
At 2.30 pm, I got ready for BBQ Steamboat, celebrating my sis-in-law's cousin's b'day, at Marina South. We took MRT and bus to reach there around 4pm. Lucky we didn't go there so early as it only opened at 4.30pm. The weather was hot but as the sun went down, it got cooler. All you can eat buffet. It costs $12/adult and $5/child. Not so bad. We ate 'til 7pm then went back home. Again, took a bath, dried my hair, and slept.
Today, my exam's result will come and I knew from the very beginning that I'm going to fail. So, don't take it so hard, hopefully. And this evening I'm going to meet my chatting's bro, whom I know for about 9 years. We will have dinner somewhere, with his wife too..
Ok then.. got continuing my job now.. very very busy today... *sigh...

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