Friday, August 18, 2006


Heloooo... meet again!!!
I already informed my mom about my plan of going back home next month. Oops.. before that.. yeah.. I already booked a ticket for 2 (me & my bebe) to Jakarta next month on 21 Sep and return on 24 Sep. The flight is at 8pm, so I think I have to go to the airport directly from the office since I only can go off at 6.15pm and I need my sis help to bring my son to the airport together with my luggage and check in for me first, otherwise, I would be late... Hope that she can make it...
Yeah.. I also email some friends through fs, that we'll have a reunion next month and some can make it and some can't. One of my friends just gave birth on 2 Aug, wah... really good for her 'cos it's been long time no news and suddenly told me this.. hehehe...
And what makes me more exciting is that.. I can eat lots of food again back in Jakartaaaa.. huwahwahawhhawhaaw.... which means.. I'm getting fatter too.. hiks hiks hiks.. but this time I must strike... hahahahhahahaha..... =PPP
Just hope everything is going fine.
The location has not been decided yet but date and time, yes.. I also contacted one friend who stays in LA, but when she's back home in Jakarta, we stay quite nearby and she is willing to bring me along on her transport 'cos I can't drive and not knowing the road very well after so long.. If near, I still can ride my father's motorcar, but if far, I have to ask other to give me a ride. I hope it won't be a problem too..
Hm... very exciting!!! Gotta bring my camera and make sure 1 GB will be enough for a nite.. hehehehe... Oklah.. gotta work again... Ciao

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