Thursday, August 17, 2006

Movies' month

This week, I've been to movies twice. On Tuesday, I watched 'Click', 'cos my one of my friends recommended me to watch it since it's a good one. The film is about a guy with a remote control, which can fast forward, pause, rewind, and higher or lower the sound, or mute, which is not only for TV, DVD Player, and so on, but on everything that he pointed out using this remote. This thing even can do so for human being, including his life. And the remote can record automatically the habit of the guy, such as avoid being sick, avoid taking bath, avoid massaging, etc. It continues on and on 'till he became old, sick, and dying. By the time he realised, it was all too late, 'cos he had missed all the good and bad times that he had in life. He missed his father, he divorced with his beautiful wife, missed all the times spent with family, and many more.. Yes, he became very successful in his career, but at the end of the day, because of his hard work, he didn't even bother about people surrounding him that loves him very much. And luckily, it was all only happened in his dream, that made him realised, that in life, work, promotion, success were not everything and the most important in life is the time spent with families, with his wife, children, parents and everything that happens are everything.
The movie was mixture of fun and sad thing. Not bad, ah?
Yesterday I watched 'Ant Bully'. Well, not so nice.. Kinda mixture of 'Ants' and 'Over the hedge' for its story line.
And next Tuesday, my friend invites me to watch 'Devil wears Prada'. I saw the novel many times, but never read it before and since my friend has a free ticket, then I will go for it.. hehehe.. Otherwise.. my pocket will leak faster and faster 'till everything is gone.. hahahaha...
Actually I plan to watch 'Ghost Game' with her, but I don't think it has been launched yet.. so.. see la.. if it's really nice, then I will go for it, and probably I will watch it within this month, again. That's why the title for this blog is Movies' month.. 'cos normally, I seldom watch movie in cinema.. Cost me lots of money and short excitement.. hehehe...
Write til here then.. Ciao

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