Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Hm.. believe in fate? Yeah?? Really???
Moreover, nowadays everything is connected one to another.. Friendster is really a very good invention for that!!! B'cos of it, I can connect to lots of people, including my primary school friends, back in 16 years ago!!! Some, I can't remember.. Some, I still remember them.. And some, really never heard before although we spent 6 years there within the same place to study. Funny rite?
And they've planned to meet up together, which is called 'reunion'. In the beginning, they plan to meet up on 26 August, which is next Saturday. But some responds that they couldn't come and another friend will go back Jakarta only next month, so one friend suggested how if the reunion i delayed 'til 23 September. Hm... it made me think... 23rd September.. is my birthday too.. hehehehe.... Just suddenly thinking of rewarding myself by meeting those old friends, which involves lots of fate inside!!! Not a fate to be boyfriend, husband, sugar daddy and so on.. but fate in friendship!!! How many of us can still meet long lost friends that we've ever met before? Not many of them. Some more, my time staying in Jakarta was not so long. In S'pore, I only attended ONE wedding party of my school's friend. Too bad, huh?? Good thing is, dun need to worry about 'angpao', but what's the big deal? I mean, I prefer having a chance of attending my friends' wedding and give them 'angpao' for their happiness, rather than witnessing nothing and stranded alone. That's why I think I'll be going to join them for the reunion. But I just hope that many people will come on that day, 'cos I will spend lots of money on the air ticket just to be there.. *sigh.. See?? Not easy to meet so many people at the same time, especially those who stays far away.. So, now whenever I got time, I will contact them on my own effort, hoping that they will appear too at the event and like that, I won't waste my B'day wish then... =)

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