Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This one and that one... Confusing???

What exactly couple do in daily life? Go everywhere together, do everything together?? What about private time that each other should have? In moderate amount? How moderate the moderate is??
I knew this couple. One always follows one's hobby, no matter hot or rain, no matter day or night. Sometimes, the other one felt that what the hell this one is doing?? Well.. this person does it very often, and made the other one angry, disappointed, lonely, tired, and many other feelings when you feel alone.
Other couple. One gives too much freedom. The other one always can do whatever one likes, without getting disturbed by the that one. Too much freedom, 'til this one does everything oneself, alone, included sleeping at nite, which supposed they do together. Sometimes, when this one needs accompany, the other one just leave it to this one and asking this one to go with some other one, friend, for example, which annoys this one, 'cos, what the heck one is doing? Give too much freedom 'til everything also must be done oneself, while the other one does everything one likes with ones' friends too??
Another one. One always sticks around whenever or whatever the other one does, except when one goes our to work. The only time the other one has, whenever this one goes to toilet, but somehow, even that one still follows 'cos that one doesn't want to leave this one any single minute, always wanna be together. Where is the other one's freedom to do things that one likes????
Confusing? Not really.. but how to balance life from giving freedom and not giving freedom? How to make both party are really happy with their lives?? Can both compromise in its own on how much to give and not???
At the end, life sucks... kekekekekeke..... sorry, but it's true.
But when you decided to be alone... you'll feel very lonely and all the disappoinment will rise again.. no matter what.. you still need another one to accompany you in life.. Needn't you??

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