Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I think I've mentioned before, that I need someone to talk to about what I feel in my previous blogs, can't really remember which one. The person that I normally talk to is busy w/ her ownself. Everytime I tried to talk about myself, she started talking about herself. I didn't blame her 'cos she got her own lives to busy with. That's why I chose to be accompanied by the alc & cig that evening since nobody I could turn to. Silly, I know, but no other way to go.
Sometimes I felt so lonely w/ so many words within myself looking for someone close to share with, someone close who can be trusted. It's not a 'must' thing to have but 'good' to have. I don't mind listening other people, but I need to be listened too and perhaps only my sleeping son will do =)))
Yesterday I was in a good mood to eat.. After emptying out my stomach, I was really having good mood for eating. =D In the morning I ate fried kway teow w/ veggies & luncheon meat. Lunch time I ate mie siam in the canteen. I bought picnic sandwiches in Four Leaves Bakery (contained 2 buns filled w/ mayo egg & tuna mayo and 2 mini sandwiches filled w/ crab mayo & chicken salad). I ate all except the bun w/ mayo egg at about 4pm. At nite, I ate rice w/ roasted duck and soup. And at 9pm, I went to McDonald to have french fries & hot fudge - and 2 pcs of chicken nuggets from my son's happy meal. hahahaha... See?? Oh ya.. forgot to mention the watermelon and orange juice. Kekekeke.... what was my stomach made from???!!?
Today, it is more controllable. I only drank a cup of tea w/ sugar for breakfast and a piece of biscuit when I felt my stomach was growling and for lunch, I ate the noodle w/ one big piece of chilli fish - very nice and soup. No snack and wait for the dinner tonite, which I haven't planned it yet... hahaha... Jalat sia...
Oh ya, my throat was pain again this morning when I woke up and despite of drinking lots of water, I still feel the pain. Hope it could get better. I'm craving for ayam penyet.. but still haven't find someone to accompany me, hehehehehe....
K'lah, get back to work! Still lots of things to do today.. Ciao!

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