Friday, October 27, 2006

"Emotional Survey"

*Mad Section*
1. what do you do when you're mad?
~ find a way to make myself suffer

2. what's the worst thing you've done when youwere mad?
~ get myself drunk and let all what i feel coming out from my heart (including my stomach's fillings.. kekekeke.. XD)

3. ever made anyone cry when you were mad?
~ yup

4. ever physically hurt someone when you were mad?
~ nope

5. do you curse when you're mad?
~ nope

*Crying Section*
1. last time you cried your heart out?
~ 3 weeks ago

2. ever cried yourself to sleep?
~ yup.. miserable

3. ever cried on your friend's shoulders?
~ as long i can remember.. nope

4. do you cry when you get an injury?
~ sometimes.. if the pain is really unbearable

5. do certain songs make you cry?
~ yup.. another day in paradise.. the video clip was so touching ~ the one sang by brandy

*Pain Section*
1. what's the worst thing you've done to somebody else?
~ blurted out what i feel w/out thinking the consequences of what others feel from my words

2. how depressed can you get?
~ feel like wanting myself not exist in this world so nobody will suffer or get sad

*Happy Section*
1. how much do u smile?
~ a lot =)

2. what can make you happy/smile?
~ anything.. especially when i have a good mood

3. do you wish you were happier?
~ yup, when i was down, sick, or lonely

4. what about being with your friends, does that make u happy?
~ yup.. 'cos it needs a fate to be w/ someone else which doesn't come so easily =D

*Love Section*
1. have you ever loved someone so much, that you'd die for them?
~ yup

2. did you ever love a person, and tell him/her that you love him/her?
~ yup!!

3. did you ever love a person, and didn't tell him/her that you love him/her?
~ yes too... =)

4. have you loved someone so much, it made you cry?
~ yes... especially when i know that i can never always be with him in this life =<

5. has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'i love you' to you?
~ Definitely.. =)

*Hate Section*
1. have you ever hated any one that broke your heart?
~ at the beginning, yes... hated very much!! but after I could get back on my feet, the hate feeling was slowly gone..

2. do you hate someone who stole ur boy/girlfriend?
~ Do you still need to ask?? DEFINITELY!!! But if eventually they can make it out together.. I just can wish them to live happily. Perhaps it's their fate in this life!

*Self-Esteem Section*
1. is your self-esteem extremely low?
~ Nope.. I have a confidence w/ myself

2. do you believe in yourself?
~ Yes

3. what do you say when people say they think you are good looking/pretty?
~ I think they just want make myself happy.. XP

4. are you one of those idiots that think they are ugly, dumb, and fat?
~ When I was small, I felt I was ugly and nobody would love me. Eventually, I was wrong.. There were lots of things other than physical things to make someone loves you =))

5. ever wanted to kill yourself cuz you thought you weren't good enough?
~ Nope

6. are you happy with who you are?
~ yes!

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