Monday, October 16, 2006


Yesterday we had this farewell dinner for my bro-in-law who is going to China to work this Sunday, 22 October 2006 at Suan Thai, Killney Road. The food was nice. I am not quite sure on how long he will stay there and I heard my sis will move to my bro's house on 14th November.
Mid next month, it will be my bro's turn and his family members to leave S'pore.. hiks hiks hiks.. =( How time flies and their departure is unavoidable.
Today, my sis-in-law's cousin, Amen, will go back to Jakarta for good too 'cos his wife is pregnant and alone there. So, his brother, Harpin, will feel the lost the most.. hehehhee... There won't be any mahjong partners anymore, there won't be any weekly visit to my bro's families too.. and my hubby suggested him to find a life partner soon so that he won't be alone XD.
My son will lose his playing partner but lucky my sis-in-law is giving birth soon (around Jan'07) so that he can play w/ a new baby boy - although he'd prefer baby girl..
Yesterday when I went to see to my friend's house to see her one month old baby girl, my son was 'sayang' her many times as he likes to play w/ small baby and actually expecting one by himself.
We went to VIVO city before the farewell dinner and I was quite happy w/ the new shopping mall. It is very big and the things there are very good. More varietie, more innovative, newer concept, and the prices are reachable. We couldn't manage to finish browsing the whole place, but w/in 3 hours time we went to quite a lot of shops and I might go there more often in the future (perhaps I've getting bored w/ other shopping centres in S'pore already.. hahaha.. so this new mall can freshen up my brain and get my boredom away..).
Now my friend is attending his friend's wedding. Hope he enjoys the party. I can imagine that now he is smiling himself while thinking that he is the groom and his bride, the woman he loves very much, is smiling all around during the event.. hahahhaha... Hope ur dreams can come true.. XD

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