Thursday, October 19, 2006


Life is very fragile
to everyone...
Today I still see you
Tomorrow I might not be able to see you anymore

When you know someone who closes to you is no longer be able to live that long
U will cherish the time he/she has by giving everything that is the best for him/her
U will try to make him/her happy,
so that only happiness that will still be remained in his/her brain before he/she left

Do you know..
there is a joy in making someone feels happy..
Have u ever encountered it urself?
Anything can be done,
from small to big one..
So when he/she is gone..
there won't be any regret in our heart

But since we don't know when we will go.. or when they will go..
Don't we want to treat others the same as above?
Live as if there is no tomorrow?
So that there won't be any regret when it happened at anytime?

It's not easy to do..
To make everyone happy everyday everytime..
But yet.. we still can try to do so..
Let people we love know that we love him/her (even if he/she doesn't love us back)
Let people we care know that we care about him/her (even if he/she doesn't even care anything about us)
Hope that it will never too late to say so
Before we're really gone.. or before they're gone..
'cos.. life is really really fragile

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